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Payroll Tools: Why Time and Attendance Is So Important

Employees need to be paid, and a business needs an accurate way of doing so. Using the correct payroll tools to assist in properly paying staff is critical. From downloading software, paying a service, and even hiring a full time accountant are ways businesses handle the important aspect of compensating employees for their time. The root of payroll is all the same: time and attendance. Employees need a way to record their time worked to be paid. By using the correct time and attendance and payroll tools, business owners can save valuable time and money. Matter of fact, customers who switch to MinuteHound see an average 2300% return on their investment.

Many payroll tools, programs, and companies exist in order to properly handle business matters. However, the most important aspect is where does the time come from? That is why MinuteHound was created, in order to provide all businesses an affordable and foolproof option to manage staff. By using MinuteHound’s payroll tools, from the very start clients start to save on average 2% – 8% off of their payroll expenses. In addition, by using biometric time and attendance, MinuteHound software eliminates buddy punching, time theft, and payroll fraud. MinuteHound’s payroll tools are also cloud based, meaning managers have access 24/7!

How Payroll Tools Benefit Every Business

MinuteHound’s payroll tools are part of a complete package. After creating an account with MinuteHound, a biometric time clock is mailed out. This time clock is how employees physically clock-in and out of work. All they have to do is scan their finger or thumb, and off to work they go. Completely paperless and highly effective. By using fingerprints, friends at work cannot cover for one another and all cheating is over. Once it comes time to actually pay the employees, that is where the payroll tools come into place.

Payroll Tools Include Text and Email AlertsMinuteHound is cloud based, which means accessing reports is as easy as opening a web browser. From a personal business portal, all payroll tools are available. Administrators can setup text/email alerts to notify managers if any employees don’t show up, arrive late, or try to leave early. These payroll tools even prevent mistakes. Now, employees can’t claim they “forgot” to clock-in or out. In addition, using the payroll tools administrators can download reports at anytime. Editing and modifying information is easy, and reports can be downloaded in either ASCII, PDF, or Excel formats for easy conversion.

Payroll Tools: Costs and Fees

MinuteHound’s payroll tools are a complete package, and don’t require anyone to break the bank! At $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location, it fits any and all budgets. There are no other extra costs or hidden fees to worry about. Everything is inclusive, with the only piece of equipment to buy is the actual biometric time clock at $99.95, which is a one time fee and guaranteed for life. Technical support is always available and lifetime updates are included. Put your business on the winning track with payroll tools from MinuteHound!

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