How To Scale Your Time and Attendance in 2019

About the MinuteHound Timekeeping System – The Basics

With companies from nearly every industry losing money to time theft, erroneous timekeeping and outright time fraud, it’s no wonder that the switch to biometric timekeeping has become something of a craze. According to data from APS Payroll, a capital management company with clients in many industries, 43% of people with regular jobs have admitted to some type of time theft, with many more cases unreported.

There hasn’t been much need for changes in timekeeping methods until recently. First came the switch to digital time clocks. However, they introduced a new problem: buddy-punching. This is the practice of having someone else, usually a friend at work, punch in for you so that it looks like you’re actually at work when you’re not. Now companies are switching to biometrics, and especially to biometric timekeeping systems from a company called Minutehound.

The Minutehound time and attendance system is designed to combat the following:

  • Buddy punching
  • Time card manipulation
  • Time card errors
  • Time theft caused by punching in early and/or punching out late

How Much Does This System Cost, and What is the Potential ROI on This Device?
RFID Attendance System is Fingerprint Technology

Minutehound provides this system at an extremely low per-employee, per-scanner price. This allows you to reap the benefits of biometric time and attendance tracking without the high prices or over-complexity of standard biometric systems, but you will still be able to save a massive amount of money on payroll processing. This alone makes the Minutehound system worth the expense. Most clients have reported an ROI of approximately 5%, with some companies reporting even larger returns. Of course, your actual ROI may vary.

Minutehound gives you the following features in one simple solution package that’s easy to set up:

  • Biometric time and attendance system – The system comes with a simple application that can be downloaded to your PC which easily connects the digital fingerprint scanner. The system itself is 100% cloud based, but the scanner needs the software/drivers to run.

  • Time and attendance reports – The MinuteHound time and attendance system can prepare detailed time and attendance reports, allowing you to adjust staffing according to your needs.

  • Safe, secure cloud storage – Data is stored outside the premises on secure cloud servers. You can connect to those servers from anywhere in the world and on any wired or wireless device, set up password administrative accounts and control how much access your Payroll department has to the data.

  • Red-flagging system – The real-time red-flagging system allows you to easily set up alerts that are sent to your E-mail or smartphone. You can be alerted quickly when tardiness occurs and when time theft is suspected.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
Time Clock Calculator
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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time and Attendance.

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