What Is The Current Status of Time and Attendance in 2019?

What Is The Current Status of Time and Attendance in 2019?

Time and attendance has been around for decades. Ever since people went to work to earn a paycheck. In short, a very long time! However, until recently it has always been the same method. Employees show up to work and either clock-in via punch card or simply write down on a piece of paper. Paper timesheets have been around forever as it is “cheap” and easy. The problem with these old outdated methods is that it actually costs the business owner a ton of money.

Time and attendance is a crucial part of any business. Employees should not be able to manipulate or cheat. By having a piece of paper to keep employees honest is not very effective. Friends at work cover for each other. Employees fudge numbers, etc. Time and attendance should be thought of as control as much as necessity. Business owners need to keep accurate records of time worked for local, state, and federal reasons (primarily taxes and lawsuits). Across the country, lawsuits get filed daily by employees and former employees for lost wages, being underpaid, and a variety of reasons. Having nothing more than a piece of paper as proof is paper thin.

2019 and Beyond

Innovation is MinuteHoundMinuteHound has developed a time and attendance system that completely changes how a business operates internally. MinuteHound uses biometric technology to record employees time. So the same concept of how you place your finger on your smart phone or tablet. You first identify yourself and prove it is you before anything happens. So with MinuteHound friends cannot cover. There is no more buddy punching and without a doubt no more cheating. Paychecks are only printed for time actually worked, not time people write down on paper.

MinuteHound time and attendance is advanced technology that has been helping companies for years. From small to large companies, this biometric system controls employees and reduces spending. Payroll costs go down while efficiency goes up. A former employee files a claim against you? No problem, as with MinuteHound within a few clicks you can access records of all your employees since the day you starting using. You can go back years. Run weekly reports, monthly, yearly, etc. This time and attendance system is setup to work now and way beyond 2019!

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