What Can My Business Do With A Fingerprint Time Clock?

Timekeeping Supervision – a Headache of the Past

Biometric time clocks offered by MinuteHound can help your business more than you had ever thought possible. Time theft can cause huge headaches within payroll departments – not to mention the money that your company may be losing by using archaic time clock technology. Recent studies shows that 5% of general revenue is lost to time theft within the workplace.

MinuteHound is here to solve all of your time keeping problems, with one simple application. Instead of outdated computer pin clock-ins, they employ biometric fingerprint technology. This allows you to see exactly when your employees clock in. In addition, there are no inventory supplies to constantly maintain, further saving you money. A fingerprint time clock can save your company money in both ways – cutting down on supply costs, and eliminating time theft.

What Can A Fingerprint Time Clock Do?

A fingerprint time clock can also be useful for more than just capital gain. The intuitive system that MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock uses is just that – intuitive. No long training videos to sit through or confusing coding jargon. MinuteHound is simply plug and play, so you can start upgrading the way your payroll department works immediately. Best of all, MinuteHound offers round the clock technical support for their fingerprint time clock technologies. Up late doing payroll? No problem.

How To Stop Time FraudUp early doing payroll? Still not a problem. MinuteHound will be there to meet your troubleshooting needs.
A fingerprint time clock can be useful not only for ease of access and accuracy of time keeping records, but with today’s technology, the benefits go even further. Minutehound is 100% paperless and based in the cloud. Since this is cloud based, you now can access the time clock information from any device connected to the internet. This can be especially helpful to business owners who can’t spend every operating hour monitoring employee clock usage. The 128-bit encryption technology ensures you and your employee’s security while using the fingerprint time clock. MinuteHound dedication to being 100% paperless is not only helpful to business owners, but the environment as well.

New And Modern Technology

MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock also includes email and text reminders for managers. Do you want to make sure that your employees are clocked in on time, or verify a clock out time? MinuteHound can send texts and emails straight to your phone to make sure you are always updated on your staff.

The web version is a modified version. It does not include a print scanner but does allow your employees to clock in from their phone, letting you see when and where they clocked in. Of course, this is also done through the cloud so you can check the status of your employees at your convenience on any device.

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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