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Biometric Clocking In Machine Explained

People who own, operate, and manage businesses have many options to choose from when selecting a product to better their efficiency. From paper and supplies, to product providers, to choosing the best CRM software or which local place has the best lunch, many options are present! One of the most important choices is time tracking and payroll. An important resource involves using a biometric clocking in machine. Using state of the art technology can improve performance, save money, and follow all legal guidelines.

Time theft can be a thing of the past with a biometric clocking in machine. Before biometrics, coworkers were able to clock in for each other. However, a biometric clocking in machine literally eliminates any form of time theft. The scanner has a special glass surface that is used to identify workers by their fingerprints. This means that no other person can possibly clock in for another person. Each employee establishes their fingerprint on the scanner at the time they are registered with the machine. Any fingerprint can be used. In case an employee cuts their finger and is unable to use the finger they registered with, they can use an alternate finger to identify who they are.

Why A Biometric Clocking In Machine Makes Sense

Reduce the need of man-hours with a biometric clocking in machine. Typically in a workplace, without a biometric time clock, additional staff are needed to keep track of the times that employees clock in and clock out. This includes reviewing times and making sure employees were honest on their timesheets. Having a biometric clocking-in machine automates the payroll procedures and streamlines the entire attendance process.

MinuteHound is cloud based. You can review employee hours in real-time with a biometric clocking in machine. When employers are out of the office, they have the opportunity to view who’s at work, who’s out to lunch and who’s working late. Employers can access this information from anywhere in the world there is internet access. Reports and other important information can also be accessed.

Employees find that a biometric clocking in machine is easy to use. All an employee needs to do is to press their finger to the scanner to clock in and clock out. There are no additional steps to take. The process of clocking in and clocking out takes a few seconds to do.

No Risk All Reward

A biometric clocking in machine provides an easy way to keep accurate records of employee work hours. As soon as an employee places their finger on the scanner, the time is recorded. The biometric clock records the correct time an employee clocked in and clocked out, and the biometric’s clock cannot be manipulated, which means that it will always record accurate times. This means that payroll is more accurate as well.

A biometric clocking in machine offers numerous benefits to businesses and employees. It creates a win-win scenario for everyone involved. Records can be maintained and accessed without hassle with a biometric clocking in machine. Employee time is kept in a proficient and efficient manner. It’s a wonder how companies dealt with the hassle of not having one in the past.

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