New Biometrics Attendance System Improves Employee Time Tracking

MinuteHound Introduces Biometrics Attendance Technology for Businesses of All Sizes

Every company has to find some way to keep track of hours. Employees and money had to be dedicated to these inefficient methods. Thankfully time cards and bulky wall mounted time clocks are now things of the past. Today’s businesses can save money and man hours by investing in modern timekeeping technology. New companies are now offering low priced fingerprint reader time clocks. MinuteHound, one of the forerunners of this sector, offers its biometrics attendance tech to small and large companies alike. Their new fingerprint reader offers savings, reliability, and real time information.

MinuteHound wanted to make their product save money for their buyer. Both the upfront and annual costs of their system are greatly reduced in order to reach a wider market. A simple glance at biometrics attendance options sold online shows that the prices range from $200 to $600 dollars. MinuteHound’s biometrics attendance technology is less than $100 in price. The amount saved each month easily covers the $24.95 for cloud service and support. The fingerprint reader is so simple that it doesn’t require training before use. It is a simple plug and use experience. Employees manipulating their time clocks is like stealing from the company. The fingerprint reader protects against fraudulent time punches and ensures that employee clocking in is the employee being paid. Companies save even more money through automated reports. These reports can be accessed from any computer. The ease of this system will reduce wasted time on accounting. Investing in biometrics attendance tech will save thousands of dollars a year.

Biometrics Attendance Powered by Cloud Computing – Mobile Friendly

Internet Based Time TrackingThe most impressive part of the biometrics attendance device is its use of the data cloud. The fingerprint reader usb cable can be plugged into any computer with internet. That computer then becomes a biometrics attendance station. The reader takes the fingerprint and encrypts it into a 128-bit number. This number is instantly stored in four separate servers around the world. For the business this means no more computers dedicated solely to time management! The software will run behind the scenes and the computer functions with no impairment. The biometrics attendance device is in constant contact with the data cloud. The cloud allows employers to receive real time texts and emails about late or missing employees. Active managers will find this information useful to maintaining an efficient workplace.

MinuteHound also understands that its customers will be of all different sizes. Whether you are an international corporation or a local coffee shop, there will always be a support agent ready and willing to take your call. The biometrics attendance offer comes with a no risk guarantee and no obligations. On the off chance that biometrics attendance isn’t right for the business, they are not locked into a contract. No contract means no penalty for exploring other options if you want to. It is hard to resist the security and confidence this biometrics attendance tech can bring to any commercial businesses.

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