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An Unbeatable Attendance Machine Price

If you are a small or large business owner, then you are probably searching for ways to cut the costs of running your business. It is understandable that you would want to cut down with the rising costs of operational expenses. One way you can cut down on monthly and quarterly costs is by focusing on employee attendance. Payroll is an area that need extra protection. Businesses lose as much as $148 billion per year on ineffective attendance tracking alone. You can obtain a sophisticated attendance tracker for a fair attendance machine price.

The Reasons for Payroll Losses
Businesses lose billions of dollars every year because they do not use efficient tracking programs. Some owners are worried that the attendance machine price is too high. They use outdated methods of tracking instead of using innovative new techniques. The result is often devastating. Employees and personnel can make mistakes and confuse the older attendance systems.

Employees with badges can easily loan their devices to other employees for time stealing. The same applies to username and password attendance systems. The punch card style is almost obsolete because of the plethora of security holes and error margins. The MinuteHound system is the best way to go for the utmost protection.

The Attendance Machine Price is Worth the Expense
The attendance machine price is nothing compared to its wealth of benefits. You are getting peace of mind, less hassle and more profits for the low attendance machine price. The fingerprint system that MinuteHound uses is the most error-free system that ever entered the business world. It uses real time biometric data that cannot be manipulated or misused. The system stores the information on a remove server where administrative personnel can review it. Managers can use this technology for a multitude of tasks from monitoring employees, to making crucial scheduling changes.

How Much is the Attendance Machine Price?
Plug and Play Punch ClockBelieve it or not, the attendance machine price for the MinuteHound system is unbeatable. You can own one of these advanced devices for $99.95. The device is worth almost $500, so you are saving just by buying it now. The attendance machine price is a one time hardware purchase.

The attendance machine price for the monthly service depends on the size of your operation. You pay $5 for each location and $1 for each employee. If you have 20 employees and 1 location, then your monthly plan will be less than $25. For such a small fee, you can ensure that your business maximizes its profit potential. Using MinuteHound’s system will be the best business decision you have ever made. You can take advantage of the amazing attendance machine price by signing up to receive it as early as today.

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