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Why Using Clock Card Machines Save Your Business Money

When you’re trying to run a business, it can be hard to keep track of each and every employee. How much money is wasted a year by employees who are too busy goofing off rather than doing the job you’re paying them to do?

Every business should utilize clock card machines if they want to make sure that their employee work time is structured properly and money isn’t flowing out of their pockets. Clocking time and workforce management isn’t just for factories, it’s for any and all businesses with employees.

How Do Clock Card Machines Benefit Your Company?
As an owner or a manager, you sometimes make mistakes and sometimes time cards that have been tampered with go unnoticed. It’s not uncommon for some employees to tamper with low security time card systems to add more time in or to give themselves longer lunch breaks. Digital clock card machines are the solution to stopping this and adding a level of security in work management.

MinuteHound is a biometric clock card machine that clocks people in and out of work by their finger prints.

– There’s no need for expensive dedicated servers or expensive hardware to store the data, because all the data is stored in the cloud through 128 bit encryption. Some digital clock card machines require hardware that can cost an additional hundreds of dollars a month, if not thousands.

– You’ll get an inside scoop on which of your employees have poor punctuality and which of them are leaving some slack for the other employees to pick up. A lazy employee could be costing you hundreds of dollars a day out of pocket if they’re not doing their job or they’re simply not showing up to work when you need them to. An employee that’s late could be neglecting your customers.

Stop Time Theft With Biometrics– While there are a multitude of different workforce management systems out there on the market today, not a lot of them have powerful backed software that actually stores data. A lot of these machines need to have data stored on an expensive server that need to be organized into an excel spreadsheet and calculated for payroll. Clock card machines store data on the cloud so they can be accessed anywhere.

What Other Kind of Features Can Clock Card Machines Offer?
– Powerful clock card machines such as MinuteHound will actually e-mail you when an employee is late.
– The software integrated into clock card machines like MinuteHound don’t have a learning curve. You simply install the time clock software and you’re ready to go.
– You don’t need to wait an entire day to see attendance was like, you can log on to the software from anywhere that has internet and view live reporting.

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