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Online Employee Attendance- How it Works

The traditional business uses time sheets or punch cards to record employee time. Some “upgraded” systems allow employees to record their time with a user name, pin, and/or password. How about an RFID card? Do any of these time and attendance systems sound secure, foolproof, or accurate? The answer is no, and the big reason why is accountability. Employees cover for friends at work, fudge numbers, cheat employers, and make honest mistakes. By using MinuteHound’s online employee attendance, all cheating is over. Honest mistakes are cured, and businesses start to save more money from the first day of use.

Online employee attendance works by first having all staff verify their attendance. After a business creates an account with MinuteHound, a biometric fingerprint scanner is mailed. This scanner is the size of a computer mouse and is the physical time clock employees will use everyday. Once they place their finger or thumb on the scanner, the online employee attendance takes over. All times are recorded live, and in real time available for viewing. Managers can check in on staff from any location in the world with an internet connection. Online employee attendance makes offices virtual.

Benefits and Features of Using Online Employee Attendance

No more paper time cards, sheets, or punch cards. Online employee attendance means your office is green and paperless. Each employee will have access to their individual digital time card. They can keep track of their own time, while managers can actually manage and focus on business. By using the online employee attendance system, each employee has to be physically present in order to have their time recorded. If any staff member arrives late or tries to leave early, they will be held accountable. MinuteHound accurately records time down to the minute!

Online Employee Attendance System Features AlertsAnother great feature of the online employee attendance system is the text and email alerts. If anyone doesn’t show up to work, is tardy or tries to rack up overtime, MinuteHound will alert you. In the form of an email or text alert, managers will be notified in real time the status of their staff. Also, from any mobile device managers can check the real time status of their entire staff while on the go. The online employee attendance system is built for today’s business needs and demands.

The Price and Fees of Online Employee Attendance

The online employee attendance system is state of the art technology at an affordable price. Every feature of MinuteHound is included for $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. Online employee attendance is also supported around the clock. Right here in the great U.S.A., technical support is always available. No hidden fees or costs. Just a flat monthly fee with no fine print included. Cancel at anytime as there is no long term obligations required. Online employee attendance is the surefire way for organizations of all sizes to save and succeed!

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