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Biometric Time Keeping System

To better explain how biometrics work, think of how your business currently records employee time. Do they simply write down their time? Enter a pin or password? Swipe or punch a card? Biometrics blows all of these methods out of the water, as by using biometrics in business cheating is over. Friends can’t share pins, passwords, cards or simply cover for one another. A biometric time keeping system is literally foolproof, holds employees accountable, and brings honesty back to reporting. Employers save more money, and spend less. The time keeping system from MinuteHound is easy to use, low-cost, and proven to work.

So how does the time keeping system work? Great question, and the answer is simple: a fingerprint. Now, there is a whole lot more going on than a fingerprint, however, the bottom line is that MinuteHound’s advanced technology is geared toward the everyday user. It requires no IT skills or training. After setting up an account, a biometric time clock is mailed to you. This is how your employees record their time. They press their finger or thumb on the scanner, and get to work. It is that simple, and time is recorded live and accurately. The time keeping system then transfers this data using 128-bit encryption to cloud servers, where managers can log-in and view employee activity live.

The Time Keeping System Features and Uses

Keep in mind fingerprints are never saved or stored. The time keeping system breaks down an individuals fingerprint into numbers, therefore keeping privacy and information secure at all times. Fingerprints are never kept. The biometric scanner connects to any computer, which then becomes the actual time clock employees use to punch in and out. The installation and setup of the time keeping system takes less than 10 minutes. MinuteHound also provides round the clock technical support to ensure success. The time keeping system is not only foolproof, but highly effective and simple.

Biometric Time Keeping SystemManagers at anytime can log-in and view employee history. The time keeping system allows for managers to view real time status of an entire organization within a few clicks. In addition, the time keeping system has the ability to send out text and email notifications if employees don’t show up to work, arrive late, or try to leave early. The time keeping system starts working from day one, and will bring accuracy and honesty back into reporting. Employees have to be physically present to clock-in and out. Bad habits are over, and production begins.

Green Technology- Paperless Time Keeping System

MinuteHound’s time keeping system is also paperless. Employees can log-in at anytime from anywhere to view their digital time card. They can check their own history to make sure its correct. By using MinuteHound, businesses save money in multiple ways. Over 150,000 users record their time every single day using this time keeping system. Savings start from the first day of use, and MinuteHound fits any budget. Start using this time keeping system to your advantage today!

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