Online Employee Time Tracking Gives You Savings This Holiday Season!

Online Employee Time Tracking For The Holidays!

It’s that time of year once again! If your one of the many employers looking to gear up for the Holiday season, make sure you grab yourself a real treat: MinuteHound’s online employee time tracking! As you increase your staff with temporary employees and seasonal work, online employee time tracking is your best management tool. Your reports and records will be accurate and mistake free. You will be able to track who showed up late, left early, and who is doing the small things correctly.

Online employee time tracking is exactly what it sounds like: track employees from any online connection in the world! If your a business owner or manager, your a busy individual. You have to make sure your business and/or service is top notch and running smoothly. The one common denominator for all employers, is their workforce. If you have a business, more than likely you have staff. Online employee time tracking is the modern answer to save you money, time and reduce costs.

Online Employee Time Tracking Is The Best Deal This Holiday Season!

MinuteHound is the most affordable and effective time and attendance solution on the market. By using a biometric fingerprint scanner, accuracy is guaranteed. This is how you, as a business owner/manager save so much money. There is no more time theft! No more payroll fraud or paying employees for time not worked. Online employee time tracking is simply an easy and efficient way for you to log-in to your account and view reports anytime. Even from your mobile device you have access. After a hard days work, from your couch you can log-in and view your employee activity for the week. Online employee time tracking is the best tool for managers and employers.

As you hire some seasonal help, you don’t need to have them fill out paper time cards and sheets. You don’t have to assign the pins and passwords they will forget or share with friends. Instead, you tell them to show up on time and place their finger on the scanner. When they take breaks or go home for the day, tell them the same thing: place your finger on the scanner. In under 2 seconds, the process is complete.

Start Hiring And Save This Holiday Season!All of this information is recorded live. As a manager, your able to log-on and use online employee time tracking at your convenience. Check start/end times, hours worked, name, departments, and much more. Isn’t modern technology great! Well it gets even better! With online employee time tracking, you can receive email and text messages alerting you to employee activity. If any of your staff show up late, or try to leave early, you will be instantly notified! MinuteHound is your 24/7 HR assistant!

Online Employee Time Tracking Is The Best Present For The Holidays!

MinuteHound is easy to use, safe for all users, and easy to setup. Using online employee time tracking requires no training. There is no downtime to worry about. The entire installation process takes under 10 minutes. You have enough to deal with and worry about this holiday season, let MinuteHound handle the rest. Live technical support when you need it. There is no hidden fees or extra costs. Just a tried, true, and proven system that benefits every business. At $1.00 per employee, all can use and enjoy this system. Online employee time tracking is risk free for you to try, so upgrade today! This holiday season can be your best yet!

Happy Holidays!

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MinuteHound Online Employee Time Tracking: Treat Yourself To Something Great This Holiday Season!

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  1. Nice tool, this employee time tracking comes very handy especially to companies who want to improve business productivity. Using this tool it can help employees to stay focus on tasks, limit wasted time, get things done and eliminate less productive activities.

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