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Time and Attendance Reports at Your Fingertips and on the Cloud

Our time and attendance reports system is so honest, nobody can deny the results. MinuteHound is the only time and attendance reports system that uses biometrics for clocking in and out completely cloud based. In order to do this, employees just need to place their finger on the scanner and wait for the green light that signals their time has been recorded. That’s it, done within seconds! Your employees’ honesty will not be put into question, not when their finger bears the physical evidence of their being there and on time.

All you need to operate MinuteHound is an internet enabled device. Any PC or laptop will do. Nothing extra to buy. Once an employee clocks in or out, the data is automatically stored in different connection servers, and you’ll be able to access it using your personal web portal. MinuteHound is the only time and attendance reports system that you can take with you anywhere across the globe, 24/7. It even comes with an SMS feature that sends you an text message to update you about your current workforce.

How Simply Time and Attendance Reports Fraud is Committed
Consider this:
Sean: Hey, Mark, punch my card will you? I’m caught in traffic and
will probably be late, thanks!
Mark: Sure, buddy, but remember, you owe me.

The above scenario happens so often that it’s become an accepted practice. After all, what are friends for if not to help each other? No, this time, and the attendance reports system is not their friend. No matter how honest they are, they may be driven to commit time theft for their buddies. This kind of trickery is a thing of the past since the biometric time and attendance reports service will never commit time theft, buddy punching or time clock manipulation.

Attendance Management Makes SenseYou can conclude that this time and attendance reports system is a must-have. MinuteHound takes “honesty is the best policy” to the next level. A level that lets you save money from the payroll that may already be too costly as it is. It is worry free, no commitment, no bond. The moment you realize that MinuteHound is not for your business, you may instantly end the subscription. But you wouldn’t do that, not when the American Payroll Association stated that, by switching to MinuteHound, you are expected to reduce your payroll cost by 2-8%. Accurate, accessible, and money saving, your business needs it, so try it now!

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USB Fingerprint ReaderNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time and Attendance Reports.

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