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When you have money involved, it might be shocking to see how sneaky people can get. Then again, when you glance at your payroll, maybe that doesn’t surprise or shock you at all! The truth of the matter is that the employee payroll is a surprisingly easy system to manipulate. However, there is a foolproof way to stop all the cheating and common mistakes. If you are ready to take on a brand new time clock management system, it’s time for you to see what MinuteHound has to offer!

Time Clock Management With a Twist
When you start looking at the old way of managing time cards, you will find that it is incredibly prone to manipulation. The employee reports their own hours, and a busy payroll employee needs to glance over it hastily and hope that they have got the right numbers. On top of that, when you have people signing each other in and clocking themselves out late, things get even stranger. However, with MinuteHound’s time clock management system, you are using twin modern technologies to keep your accounts honest.

Time Clock Management Made Easy With Biometrics
Through MinuteHound’s exceptional fingerprint reader, you will be able to use biometrics in this time clock management of the future. Each machine that you use in your office will have a certain amount of software put on it and given a fingerprint reader attachment. Then, when the person is there and ready to work, they scan their fingerprint through the reader. At that point, they are clocked in. As you can tell with this time clock management system, no one can clock them in, and they cannot play any games with what information is sent where.

Time Clock Management Is a Breeze with Cloud Technology
Employee Management SystemWhen you are interested to see where the time clock management system’s information goes, you just need to look in the cloud. This remote storage system makes all of the information available anywhere you happen to have an Internet connection, and this keeps you current on what your employees are doing at any given time. This time clock management is so simple that you can setup in a matter of minutes. On top of that, using real time status options you can see who showed up to work, in which department, and at which time.

Get Going!
With this time clock management system waiting to help you smooth out the bumps in your payroll, there is no excuse for delay. When you think about the money that is being lost through careless or even deceitful accounting, you will find that the MinuteHound system will change the way you do business. There has never been a better reason to upgrade your time clock system than discovering MinuteHound. Let it change everything right now!

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