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How Property Managers can Monitor Vendors and Employees Anywhere

For a property management company, knowing that you’re properly staffed to meet demand is a very important consideration. With a fingerprint attendance system you’ll be able to see who is where at all your property locations in real time. Furthermore you can set alerts if someone is clocking in or out at a time that doesn’t match their schedule. Because you’re looking at attendance in real time, you can know if someone didn’t show up on time within minutes, and be able to call in additional staff if necessary. You won’t have to wait until an overworked employee finally gets a minute of free time and is able to call and let you know.

All you need is a laptop computer, internet connection and fingerprint reader to set up your fingerprint attendance system at any location. All your information is stored securely in the cloud, making the system portable. If you’re working with vendors at different locations, you can monitor that there are enough workers to get the job done in the time you set. You can see which vendor is on site, since they’ll each have their own login. You can be confident that the data is accurate because the fingerprint attendance system is foolproof. Only way they can record their time is by physically being present and scanning. Furthermore, because the fingerprint attendance system doesn’t keep a stored image of the fingerprint, hackers can’t download fingerprint images to create fake entries. No security risks at all.

Property Management and Biometrics

MinuteHound Time Card Calculator Features AlertsIf you have employees that need to travel among several locations each day, the fingerprint attendance system will let you know, in real time, their last location and timestamp. Your employees will appreciate that, if they get a call from a tenant at odd hours and need to go to the property, their time will be documented. With your vendors, a fingerprint attendance system can save you money when you put out bids for jobs. You’ll have a complete record of all the man hours that went into a job and can compare that to the hours used by the vendor to price the job. On future contracts, you’ll have an objective number of hours to base projected labor costs on. You can use that number to see how one vendor stacks up to another in speed of getting the job done, or use it to negotiate a lower bid if the vendor bid number of hours seems too high.

A fingerprint attendance system saves you time and money in generating payroll. All the employee attendance information is collected and stored during the work week and the system can calculate time and produce detailed time and attendance reports. You’ll really see the benefits of the fingerprint attendance system if you need to hire a lot of temporary workers for specific jobs. Keeping up with 25 paper time sheets is so much harder than having each worker swipe a fingerprint. A fingerprint attendance system also prevents someone from buddy punching the time clock for a friend. For a property management company, a fingerprint attendance system is the best tool for keeping track of bodies in motion.

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