Control Costs, Time & Payroll: Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

Quick Cost Effective Payroll Management: Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

Time clocks and punch clocks have become a thing of the past with biometric fingerprint scanner technology. Now, employees can clock in with their own personal fingerprint, reducing loss in employee hours from employee theft. With the biometric fingerprint scanner, a company can reduce time lost and increase profit for only pennies a day. This biometric fingerprint scanner allows the company to scan the employees fingerprint, and the system is 100% cloud web-based. Employees can rest assured, because fingerprints are never kept on file. The fingerprints are only used to track attendance and time in and time out. There are no punch cards to replace, or pin codes and passwords to remember. The biometric fingerprint scanner time clock allows the employee to scan their fingerprint and begin work right away. No more need to wait and punch in a code.

MinuteHound time and attendance software helps to eliminate loss from employees clocking in for others because fingerprints are unique. Biometric fingerprint scanners eliminate human error and buddy clocking. This cloud-based reporting system does not keep finger prints but does keep accurate reporting. These reports can be accessed from any device, making the biometric fingerprint scanner convenient. This advanced biometric fingerprint scanner technology can send the manager an email and/or text message if the employee arrives late or leaves early. There are no time cards or inventory to keep. This biometric fingerprint scanner helps a company go paperless and save.

The cloud-based software allows for the biometric fingerprint scanner to transmit the clock time but not keep the fingerprints. The reports and information are transmitted at 128-bit encryption to make sure it is secured. The reports are accessed by way of the internet to help them be easily accessible. A benefit is that this software is plug and play. No additional training or guidance needed. The software assists you with the set up to make it easy and convenient for the managers and employees. MinuteHound offers round the clock support for the company to have tech support. This software has a risk free and no obligations guarantee.

This software is easy to use. It comes in two parts for the manager. The two parts are: the actual application on the company computer and the web portal. The web portal can be accessed from anywhere, including a restaurant. The biometric fingerprint scanner and USB cord can be set up to the computer and doesn’t require the employee to see the time. This easy to use software saves you time and money. Generally, the cost is 1 USD per employee and 5 USD per site. For the peace of mind of knowing a company will receive accurate payroll reports, it is priceless.

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