Time Clock Software Means Employees Will Never Again Punch A Clock

With MinuteHound, Employees Never Punch a Clock Again

“Punching the clock” is a common expression in the work world. Most people use the expression for a job that requires a physical presence rather than mental engagement. Because they have to punch a clock to earn a salary, many employees lose their motivation. Most workers would rather be rewarded for their creativity than their time.

Nevertheless, time clocks are necessary tools for businesses of all sizes, especially large companies. When it comes to payroll hours, time clocks give employers and employees a degree of accuracy. Employees get a clear sense of when the workday starts and ends, and employers can save money if workers tend to round up when they report their work hours.

Traditional “punch a clock” time systems have some disadvantages too. For employees, they reinforce a dynamic that stifles creativity. For employers, they do not paint an accurate picture of employee performance. Time clocks also encourage “buddy punches” that can result in fraud.

The Old Fashioned “Punch A Clock” Days Are Now Over

With MinuteHound software, employees will never again punch a clock. However, employers will have a system that gives them complete control of their business. They will also get benefits like fraud protection and cost savings. Any computer with Internet access can serve as a clock-in terminal.

MinuteHound is a biometric time clock system that lets hourly workers “punch a clock” with their fingers. To clock in or out, they place a finger on the fingerprint scanner that converts their print into an encrypted 128-bit number. This software then fragments the number into four secure servers that are located around the world.

Unlike other systems that “punch a clock“ with a fingerprint, MinuteHound does not store fingerprints. As a result, employee fingerprints cannot be reverse engineered or traced back to their owners. This ensures complete employee privacy and peace of mind.

Biometrics Are The Clear Winner Over Employees That Punch A Clock To Record Their Time

Safe and Secure Cloud TechnologyWhile employees do not punch a clock, employers can view their real-time information from any location. All they need is a computer or web-enabled mobile device. Designated managers can also receive email alerts of schedule issues.At payroll time, MinuteHound provides detailed time and attendance reports. Since workers do not punch a clock, there are no time cards to deal with. MinuteHound can save hours of calculations and reconciliations. The data can be exported to all major accounting systems.

MinuteHound is a better time clock option than time clocks that require workers to punch a clock. The software has more benefits than any other time-and-attendance system, including biometric time clocks. The web-based program lets employers view data from any location. MinuteHound has a pay-as-you-go plan that makes the time clock system convenient and affordable. Employers get free software upgrades. If a computer or scanner is stolen, MinuteHound protects all data in the system.

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MinuteHound Biometric Punch Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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