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Punch Clock Chaos vs. MinuteHound’s Ease and Efficiency

Why do businesses use punch clocks? To keep track of employee attendance and hours worked. Having a punch clock is more resource efficient than having a special employee just to keep track of when other employees come and go. A business owner would have a very difficult time knowing what to pay employees without time and attendance records. These records are also beneficial in employee management. Business owners can make critical decisions about their staffing based on which employees show up to work on time and work their entire shift.

Is a punch clock really the most efficient way to keep track of employee time and attendance? It seems simple; employees place a time card in the slot and it marks the current time. However, in this case simple does not equal efficient. When you go to purchase a punch clock you will notice that the price tags can be pretty steep. On top of the punch clock itself, you will have to purchase ink ribbons and employee time cards (lots of employee time cards). Any maintenance the punch clock needs (and possibly the shipping costs back to the company) will dig into your businesses’ wallet too. Payroll will be racking up hours as they have to interpret handwritten notes on time cards. Then your business will need a place to archive all of those lovely time cards. Whew! That little punch clock can be a lot of work and expensive!

Simple and Affordable Time and Attendance

Build Your Success With A Biometric Punch ClockMinuteHound offers a time and attendance solution that truly is simple and affordable. No more punch clock! No more time cards! With MinuteHound’s biometric employees clock in and out using a fingerprint scanner. They place their finger tip on the fingerprint scanner and MinuteHound does the rest. MinuteHound changes each fingerprint into a distinct numeric code and sends the information on a secure remote server. Detailed, easy to read reports on your employees’ time and attendance can be found by logging in to MinuteHound’s web portal. Payroll will never have to try and read handwritten notes on time cards again! Employees won’t ever have to worry about loosing a time card! Even with all of those benefits, your business can get MinuteHound for a fraction of the price of that punch clock.

From A Punch Clock to MinuteHound
Why do businesses love MinuteHound? MinuteHound offers them a way to keep track of time and attendance that actually improves efficiency. Not only is MinuteHound easy to use, but it eliminates buddy punching which will save your business money on payroll. Your business won’t need a room full of filing cabinets to archive your records in either. Try MinuteHound today!

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