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Punching a time clock is an old tradition for hourly employees. Since punch card machine clocks were invented in the late eighteen hundreds, they have had the same problems: bottlenecks at the time clock during shift changes, ‘buddy punching’ fraud, unscheduled punches, missed or skipped clock-ins… the list goes on and on, and every problem cost employers money. Electronic time clock systems became popular a decade ago, but, surprisingly, many of the century-old issues remained. And the equipment and staff time these systems needed was expensive. Sure, they were better than printed time cards, but not much.

Now there’s MinuteHound, a nimble and flexible time and attendance service that replaces the old punch card machine. Using fast, proven, and secure biometric fingerprint scanners and cloud computing technology, MinuteHound takes the burden of punch card machine maintenance off the company’s staff.

Biometric Fingerprint Scanners Has Replaced The Outdated Punch Card Machine

MinuteHound is easy to set up and scales seamlessly from small to large offices. Visit MinuteHound’s website and figure out your possible savings with the time clock calculator: you may be shocked at how much you lose with inaccurate time tracking. Then subscribe to the plan that is right for your company, based on the number of employees and offices or branches. A biometric fingerprint scanner, which takes the place of a punch card machine, and an internet-connected workstation are required for each location. Download MinuteHound’s software and attach the scanner – it’s simple!

Once the setup is finished, registration of employees is fast – only a minute or two for each employee to be entered into the system and have their fingerprints registered. For security reasons, the fingerprint image is broken into four encoded pieces and stored in separate locations in the MinuteHound computing cloud. This assures that the fingerprint can never be traced back to a single person, so employees have no worries about privacy.

Safe and Secure Cloud TechnologyRegistered employees can use MinuteHound right away. They simply place their finger on the scanner to clock in and out instantly, so no more traffic jams at the punch card machine. Managers can also log on to the MinuteHound online system and see where their employees have clocked in at any given time, which no punch card machine can match. MinuteHound stores the date and time of fingerprint were scanned, then downloads data for use in payroll systems.

Punch Card Machine Is Risky, MinuteHound Is Not

There’s no local data, so no risk for data loss in the event of onsite computer problems. There’s also no risk for trying the system. Scanners are guaranteed for a lifetime. Customers pay by the month. There’s no up-front investment for servers or expensive software like with other punch card machine replacement systems. You have nothing to lose and lots of money to save by replacing your old punch card machine with MinuteHound.

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MinuteHound Biometric Punch Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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