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Biometrics Vs. The Punch Time Card

With every passing day, technology improves. Books, maps, newspapers, and just about everything paper these days is now digital. There is no reason whatsoever why any business still uses paper time sheets or a paper punch time card. It’s time to throw away the pens, paper, and notebooks and upgrade to biometrics! By having employees verify their attendance by placing a finger or thumb on a scanner, payroll is perfected and cheating is over. A punch time card, time sheet, or any other form of time and attendance is flawed and error prone. Now, time and attendance is digital, accurate, and 100% safe to use.

The way MinuteHound works is simple: a scanner arrives in the mail, it gets plugged in to any computer or POS system, and then the software is downloaded. That is the actual process of how to install and setup MinuteHound. Once installed, employees get registered and savings begin! A punch time card is easy to trick and fool, and even the most honest employees make mistakes. Not anymore. Time theft, buddy punching, and payroll fraud is over. Even human mistakes are corrected with MinuteHound technology!

Why The Punch Time Card Simply Doesn’t Make Sense

Common sense dictates in most situations. Saving 2 – 8 percent off of payroll expenses makes sense. To put a foolproof solution in place to stop all cheating also makes sense right? MinuteHound simply makes sense for so many reasons. A paper punch time card, sheet, or even a badge employees have to carry around with them simply does not make sense. Pins and passwords make no sense, as they are shared with friends at work. Biometrics and MinuteHound is foolproof and flawless. It’s about time to put that punch time card in the shredder!

No More Paper Punch Time Card- Go Green!Speaking of paper, MinuteHound is green. The only piece of equipment needed to run MinuteHound is the actual scanner. It is the size of a computer mouse. It takes up almost no space, requires no maintenance, and very durable. No more inventory to keep up. The paper punch time card, machine, and all other material is no longer needed. In addition, if employees don’t show up to work, arrive late, or try to leave early, text and email messages are sent. In real time, managers can be notified if employees are not coherent with their assigned shifts. The punch time card and other outdated methods truly make no sense!

Punch Time Card Is Flawed. Biometrics Are Perfect

Smudges, wrong times, bad handwriting, faded punches, and more are all reasons a business should no longer use a punch time card. Biometrics are perfect and make reporting flawless. Every time an employee places their finger or thumb on the scanner, attendance is verified and time is recorded. Unlike a punch time card which can be used by anyone, employees have to be physically present to get paid with biometrics.

MinuteHound offers lifetime updates on the software, and a lifetime money back guarantee on the scanner. Live and friendly technical support is always available. If something goes wrong with a punch time card, typically it goes in the trash. Now, all reports are located in the cloud from virtually anywhere. At $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location, MinuteHound fits all budgets. Throw away that punch time card and upgrade to biometrics today!

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  1. I feel like it is another measure towards losing our personal privacy and having our info go into someone’s database compromising my identity.

    1. With MinuteHound, personal privacy is always guaranteed! Fingerprints are never stored or kept, making it a true solution without having to sacrifice any type of personal freedom. Every fingerprint is broken down into numbers, then spread across multiple servers using 128-bit encryption. Information is never at risk!

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