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Punchclock Innovations From MinuteHound

Until the late 1800’s businesses kept employee time and attendance records by hand. Many times employees had to punch in or out by visiting an official record keeper. On November 20, 1888 Willard Bundy invented the first punchclock. The punchclock was an ordinary wall clock in a wooden case. Near the bottom of the punchclock was a small slot in which employees would insert their time card. After properly aligning their time card in the slot, the employee would pull a lever. That lever would engage the hammer that stamped the time onto the card through an inked ribbon.

Getting the card in just the right spot was a little tricky for employees. Bundy’s punchclock was wildly successful. He began mass producing his punchclock through the Bundy Manufacturing Company in 1889. The Bundy Manufacturing Company would eventually become IBM.

Punchclocks Haven’t Changed Much Until Now

The punchclock was a huge step forward in the time and attendance industry of the late 1800’s. However, it is not the 1800’s any more. It’s not even the 1900’s. Why are people using the same technology? MinuteHound offers the next step in time and attendance technology. No more punchclock! No more time cards! With MinuteHound all you need is the patented MinuteHound USB fingerprint scanner, a computer and access to the internet.

The Benefits of MinuteHound
Plug and Play PunchClockThe benefit for employees is how easy it is to use. Employees do not have to remember to bring a time card, badge, or an ID number. They clock in and out by swiping their finger on the fingerprint scanner. Fingerprints are never are stored by MinuteHound. Fingerprints are converted into a numeric code. That code is immediately stored in MinuteHound’s secured remote server. Employees can be assured that the times recorded by MinuteHound will always be accurate. Accurate times equal accurate paychecks and getting paid for all of the hours an employee has worked.

The benefits for employers are endless. Installation is as easy as plugging in a USB cord. There is no dedicated computer required to run MinuteHound. MinuteHound’s biometric technology eliminates buddy punching and schedule exceptions. MinuteHound’s reports are detailed, easy-to-read, kept in real time and accessible from any device connected to the internet at any time. Report filters help you to view only the information you are looking for. MinuteHound is easy to use for businesses with one location or several locations. Several businesses within one building can also be accommodated.

The Next Step
Time and attendance has come a long way since the punchclock. MinuteHound has the latest technology. Lifetime updates are included with your MinuteHound subscription. Is your business ready for a step into the 21st Century? Call or email MinuteHound today.

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