Green & Paperless Employee Technology: Improved Time Card Punch System

How MinuteHound is a Better Time Card Punch System

A large number of companies still rely on traditional time card punch systems. It’s been the answer for finding out if employees are working for over a century. While the technology has changed, the concept remains the same. Employees take their time card, and punch it. This happens every morning when they arrive at work, and every night before they leave. We think it’s time for a change.

MinuteHound offers a More Reliable Time Card Punch Solution
It’s easy for a traditional time card punch system to go wrong. Employees can scam hours they didn’t work out of their company by having a friend punch in. This kind of thing is hard to watch over for a huge business. It’s not just about employee honesty, either. The old time card punch systems are difficult to manage by nature. Filing hundreds of time cards away costs businesses money. Typical time card punch solutions are messy, disorganized, and inaccurate. That’s why we offer a new approach.

How MinuteHound’s Time Card Punch Solution Works
Our system works differently by avoiding using time cards altogether. Instead of a traditional card, your employees sign in and check out with a more personal form of ID. Employees scan their fingerprint, using a biometric scanner which is small, durable, and fits anywhere. This information is stored in the cloud, enabling you to track employee attendance from anywhere in the world.

Other Benefits
One concern you might have is the security of your employees. You can rest easy thanks to our guarantee that all data sent is done with 128-bit encryption. Your employees’ personal data remains secure, one of our highest priorities. You might also worry about the cost of such a service. The good news is, you don’t have to. Most of our clients pay just pennies a day per employee to receive MinuteHound’s technology.

Biometric Time Card PunchWhat This Means for You
So far, we’ve covered that traditional time card punch systems are expensive, time-consuming, and don’t necessarily do the best possible job of managing employee hours. Upgrading to a MinuteHound system is a great way to correct these issues.

Don’t make yourself accountable for the responsibility of your employees. We build these systems because we believe employees need only a program that treats them fairly, is easy to use, and makes the process simple, to want to show up on time every day. We stand behind the technology we’ve developed as a means of stopping tardiness, improving employee hour management, and making time card punch systems as easy to use as they are accurate.

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