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Advantages of the MinuteHound Automated Attendance System

Companies and schools sometimes need an automated attendance system. MinuteHound provides advanced biometric fingertip technology. It connects to any compatible computer via USB.

Here’s what MinuteHound can do:

Prevent buddy punching
■ Stop time card reporting errors
■ Prohibit unauthorized overtime clockins and clockouts
■ Disallow manipulation of times in and times out

The MinuteHound automated attendance system plugs into point of sale equipment and any office PC or laptop. This automated attendance system provides more than one benefit to companies. It also has its advantages for use in schools.

Here’s some of the MinuteHound automated attendance system features:

■ Instant record of time in and time out stored in a remote location
■ Records accessible from anywhere from any desktop, laptop or mobile device
■ Enhanced 128-bit encryption that protects privacy of employees or students
■ Quick generation of payroll reports
■ Times in and times out not reversible by anyone accept supervisors or managers
■ Manual correction of honest mistakes
■ Immediate tardiness, truancy or absence alerts

Employers can save an average of 5% on payroll costs. Furthermore, this automated attendance system reduces stress for both schools and businesses. They don’t have to spend as much time keeping track of students or workers. At the same time, they only spend pennies per day using the MinuteHound software.

Furthermore, employers and educators usually can set up the MinuteHound automated attendance system very quickly. Some commercial establishments, universities, and learning centers and have it up and running within minutes. However, setup time sometimes depends on the speed of a computer.

Of course, schools don’t require attendance tracking for payment. However, professors who keep track of students using this automated attendance system can use the data for providing grade incentives. In other words, college educators sometimes offer extra points if they show up every day. This type of automated attendance system may not be necessary for serious students. However, it might help the ones who need the extra “push” to learn discipline.

Employee Automated Attendance System

New and Improved Time Stamp MachineMinuteHound also has additional advantages for primary and secondary schools. For instance, facilities that educate children and teens can use the data from attendance to determine who will receive attendance awards. Furthermore, it provides a way to analyze current educational efforts.

Any school or business can improve motivation on the job when they use the automated attendance system. It also assists with disciplining people who might commit employee theft. Furthermore, it penalizes students who might not show up for class if they don’t have a good excuse. Please contact our friendly customer service staff today for more information. We’ll answer any questions about using the MinuteHound automated attendance system.

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