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What is an RFID Time Clock and How Does it Work?

Although every business has unique needs and requirements, time and attendance is universal. Every organization needs a legal and common sense way to pay employees for their time worked. An RFID time clock works by having employees simply wave or pass a badge/card near the machine to record times. Now think about how unsecured that process is? How does a swipe card or badge become anymore efficient than a pen? First realize American businesses lose $148 billion dollars every year due to outdated and inefficient time and attendance procedures. Then realize it is machines like an RFID time clock that helps businesses contribute to these statistics every year. The bottom line; don’t waste any amount of time or money on an RFID time clock!

An RFID time clock only requires the employee to be near the machine, and has no way to verify who’s holding the card. Friends at work can pass these badges around and steal time everyday from their employer. An RFID time clock is outdated, prone to time theft, and simply costs too much money. Most of these machines are big and bulky and costs hundreds or thousands to buy. Then, more than likely you will have to purchase the software needed to run the RFID time clock. Not to mention buying the cards and keeping up with supply. There is no advantage to using an simple RFID time clock compared to pen and paper. There is no added security, and the costs associated are needless.

Are Biometrics That Much Better Than an RFID Time Clock?

The answer to that question is an astounding YES! Biometric technology is cutting edge, effective, very low-cost, and foolproof. MinuteHound is the leader in biometric time and attendance with over 150,000 daily users. The reason why is not just the low price, but because MinuteHound works. Not only is an RFID time clock more expensive, but support if something goes wrong is costly. Why bother? MinuteHound takes the stress out of managing employees so owners can focus on their business.

Here are the simple steps associated with MinuteHound:

1. Setup an account and purchase the fingerprint scanner for $99.95. One-time fee and backed for life!
2. When the scanner arrives, plug it in to any computer or POS system.
3. Download the software from any web browser.
4. Register employees.
5. Grab a doughnut, you’re done!

Biometric Fingerprint Scanner- Backed for Life!It’s literally that easy to install and setup MinuteHound. The scanner itself is the size of a computer mouse. No supplies or cards needed. Employees simply arrive and leave work by swiping their finger or thumb. No images or prints are ever recorded. Nothing stored on the local machine. 100% safe to use for everyone, with 0 information risk. If any assistance is needed at anytime, MinuteHound technical support is always available. No extra costs or hidden fees, just a low monthly fee. An RFID time clock simply doesn’t match up. Biometrics really are that much better!

Radio Frequency Identification- The RFID Time Clock Shortfalls

Identification is up for debate when it comes to the RFID time clock. For obvious reasons, the technology only identifies the card, not the person that card is assigned too. Anyone can use a card to gain access or record time. Biometrics on the other hand is foolproof. The only way an employee can clock-in or out is by being physically present. Fingerprints cannot be shared, the system is cannot be cheated. An RFID time clock is easily tricked and employees love them. Business owner love and prefer biometrics, and MinuteHound will assist in saving from day one!

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Cloud Time Attendance SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Vs. RFID Time Clock: Biometrics Trumps All!

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