Small Business Tips- How Any Small Business Can Save Time and Money

Small Business Tips 101- Efficient Time Management

Time’s are tough. The economy might be moving, but in which direction is open to interpretation! These days, every small business needs to go with what works: reduce costs, increase savings, and manage time wisely. Those small business tips might sound obvious; however, knowing what to do and actually knowing how to do it are 2 totally different things. This short blog post will look at a product already in place with proven results. These small business tips will apply to every industry, regardless of size. Welcome to highly efficient management!

So how to start? Where to begin? Take a minute and reflect on the current setup at your place of work. How do employees arrive and get started? Do they show up on time everyday? Only take the allotted time for lunch breaks? How about never leaving early? Chances are there is a ton of lost time here for the staff, and money wasted for the owner. Now look to see how are schedules created and handed out? Do employees receive individual time cards? All of these problems and more are addressed and solved with MinuteHound. By using state of the art technology, every business is sure to benefit.

Small Business Tips To Help Save

Did you know that the American Payroll Association estimates American businesses lose $148 billion dollars every single year due to poor accounting and outdated time and attendance? By simply upgrading to MinuteHound, payroll costs go down by 2-8%. In addition, all forms of cheating are over. Every article on small business tips you read in magazines, online, or in print all recommend biometrics in the workplace to stop buddy punching, payroll fraud, and to hold employees accountable for their actions. Why? Because it works and helps small businesses save more money, stop wasteful spending, and is simple and quick to setup.

Successful Small Business TipsSo now that what needs to be done is established, how to do it? How to actually apply these small business tips and start saving? It’s as easy as a phone call. MinuteHound works with companies everyday helping them maximize their savings and cost reduction. After setting up an account with MinuteHound by filling out the BuyNow form, a fingerprint scanner is shipped. After receiving the scanner, simply plug it in. The software gets downloaded and employees start clocking-in and out of work using their finger or thumb. From day one the system will have an impact!

Small Business Tips on Saving and Technology

All of these small business tips might sound good, but expensive right? Think again! MinuteHound charges $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. Each small business only has to pay for what they need. This small monthly fee includes lifetime updates, technical support, text and email alerts, and so much more! No hidden fees or long term obligations either. The technology is cutting edge and provides 24/7 access from any internet connection in the world. Put these small business tips into effect today and start saving right away!

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MinuteHound Small Business Tips: More Saving, Less Spending!

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