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Time Clock Video- Our Thrift Store Client Review

Our Thrift Store- Meet MinuteHound client Dave Krikac, who owns and operates a non-profit organization helping and employing special needs adults. Dave needed an easy to use, affordable, and yet powerful time and attendance solution to fit his unique needs. As you can see in this time clock video, Dave needed a robust system to manage multiple locations. MinuteHound has the technology to allow employees to clock-in at one location, and clock-out at another. It is also very easy to install and use. Please watch the video by Dave and hear how MinuteHound helped, just as it can for any business.

Time Clock Video- Features of MinuteHound

This time clock video highlights the technical specifications of MinuteHound. This is just for reference for any business wanting to know more about our product and how the technology actually works. The fingerprint scanner itself is very robust and light. It is the size of a computer mouse and weighs about 5 ounces. In addition, it is very durable and reliable and features a lifetime money back guarantee. The scanner also has extraordinary matching speed, which can achieve up to 600,000 matches per second. It does so without degrading cognition accuracy. In other words, this time clock is proven to work! The time clock video only lists some of the benefits. You can visit another page which highlights 30 reasons why every business needs MinuteHound.

Time Clock Video- Reporting and Real Time Status

As this time clock video demonstrates, the MinuteHound portal which employees and administrators alike both use can be accessed from any web browser. MinuteHound has 5 different levels of permissions, so employees can log-in at anytime to view their own personal, individual digital time card. When administrators log-in, they will have complete access to view/edit/modify and export information. Offices become virtual, and paper supplies go away. The easy to use interface of the portal allows managers to find information fast and get their task complete. Payroll is a breeze, and always accurate as biometrics ensure honesty in time and attendance.

Time Clock Video- Cloud Software to Clock-in and Out

This time clock video shows just how easy it is to use MinuteHound. A simple swipe of a finger or thumb verifies attendance and then records the employees time. It runs in the background, so the computer that runs the software can be used as normal. A dedicated computer is not needed for MinuteHound. As you can see in the time clock video 2 green flashes from the scanner indicate a successful scan. Employees never need to view the screen, as the scanner itself will let them know their finger was recorded.

At $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location, it fits any budget. To watch these videos and more, please visit our time clock video page. Please call 1-800-351-7237 to speak to a representative for prices, support, or general questions.

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