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Keeping a Healthy Workplace with Modern 0 Contact Time and Attendance Technology
Protection from germs is always a major concern when running a business. Especially in today’s world with COVID19 at every turn. Your team’s productivity decreases when they have to take sick days. To make matters worse, illness in the workplace spreads like wildfire. It is impossible to have a completely 0 contact workplace. However, your business’s time and attendance system doesn’t have to be a germ hotbed.

How is it possible to go 0 contact when clocking in and out? MinuteHound’s biometric technology is touch-free. Say goodbye to time cards, special computers and passwords. You can simply scan your employees’ faces as they walk in. MinuteHound timestamps the data and gives you a report. Just like that, your time and attendance records are done.

MinuteHound technology is 100% cloud based. This means that anyone can download it onto their personal device. Your employees can clock in from their laptops, tablets or phones. This way, multiple people don’t have to touch the same surface.

MinuteHound’s facial recognition system is 0 contact. It uses a camera as a scanner. If you aren’t sure how you feel about biometrics, though, don’t worry. MinuteHound still has a touch-free option for you. Their Web-based model uses a more traditional username and password system. However, it is still connected to the cloud. This means your employees can still sign in from their own devices.

So how does MinuteHound avoid time theft with this system? Your employees can sign in from private devices, but this does not make them less accountable. In fact, it makes them more accountable. MinuteHound’s touch-free technology includes a timestamp and tracks your employees’ IP addresses. You can be confident that your employees are in the workplace when they say they are. Additionally, you’ll always know exactly when they arrived and left. If your employees arrive late or take unauthorized overtime, MinuteHound notifies you immediately. This way, you keep control over your business.

MinuteHound allows your employees to clock in seconds from their own devices. This 0 contact model can help eliminate one source of germs from your workplace. Your employees will need fewer sick days. They will also be more accountable. The use of the cloud even helps MinuteHound generate an attendance report, so you don’t have to do it by hand. You work hard enough as it is. You deserve a healthy and efficient workplace. MinuteHound is here to help!

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