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Student Attendance System Protects Students and Informs Parents

Installing a student attendance system doesn’t need to be a complicated or costly activity. Teachers often have their hands full taking attendance and keeping track of when students come and leave the classroom. When a students comes into the class, a simple fingerprint reader can let the teacher know that the student has arrived. A student attendance system means no more time spent calling roll and marking late or missing students.

Whole School Student Attendance System
Imagine being able to notify a parent when a student doesn’t arrive at school. Schools can install fingerprint readers at the door and require each student to swipe their finger before entering the school. If a student shows up late, a notification email or text can be sent to the school’s office staff. If a student doesn’t show up at all, the school can immediately notify the parents. This not only helps keep students safe, it makes it very difficult for a student to ditch school without parents knowing.

In-Class Student Attendance System
In addition to a whole school student attendance system, MinuteHound allows for real time status updates so that students can be tracked in real time, anytime. Teachers can check the school student attendance system when a student doesn’t show up for class. This lets a teacher know whether a student is skipping class and the school office can be notified. In fact, the school office can even take care of this themselves. After the start of each class, the office staff can check the records for each class and find any missing students that should be in class.

Protecting Student Identities
Save Money. Be Happy! Attendance Software Free!A biometric fingerprint reader can identify each student simply by their fingerprint. This information then gets logged in the school attendance system and sent to a secure server. Schools must abide by strict privacy guidelines established by the government. There is no more secure method that can be used than installing a school attendance system to track students. Only administrators and teachers will have access to the system and the student identity is protected by 128-bit encryption on a highly secure server. This is in contrast to the open computer system, or paper-based school attendance system methods of the past.

Ease of Use
A biometric fingerprint reader can be used for a student attendance system the day the reader arrives. If you need to take the student attendance system on a field trip, you can do so. The only requirement is a computer, fingerprint reader and an Internet connection to store data on the secure server. Once schools realize how easy it is to take attendance, there will be no reason to use any other method for taking attendance.

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