Small Business Time and Attendance in 2020

Innovative Small Business Time and Attendance in 2020
With the whole world of technology evolving faster than you can keep up, it doesn’t make sense to leave tracking employee work time and attendance in the past. MinuteHound can help you use biometric technology to improve efficiency, integrity and environmental consciousness.

MinuteHound technology works by having your employees scan into any computer when they clock in and out. They provide two biometric options. Facial recognition technology scans and recognizes your employees’ faces through an Android, Mac or Windows camera and records their comings and goings. Your employees can also clock in and out with a biometric fingerprint scanner. If you’re not in love with biometrics, MinuteHound also has a web option. Employees can log into the cloud-based system on their own devices. There is a timestamp and IP address to prevent any time theft.

So why switch to MinuteHound instead of keeping time the old-fashioned way? To start, it’s more efficient. You can use any computer instead of sacrificing one to the cause of tracking time and attendance. You also don’t have to worry about forgotten usernames, passwords and PIN numbers. Forgetting logins can waste time that your employees could be using to get work done.

Second, it’s more secure for you and your employees. MinuteHound stores all data in the cloud with encryption, making it virtually impossible to hack or steal. Your employees’ personal data is 100% protected. You also benefit as a small business owner because your employees can’t hack in and commit attendance fraud such as forging time stamps. With MinuteHound, your time and attendance records are 100% accurate.

MinuteHound can also save you time and money! They generate an attendance report for you, so your days of sorting through timecards to do the payroll are in the past. You also don’t have to spend money on extra computers or timecards, so MinuteHound ends up costing you only a few cents a day with an average return on investment of 2,300%!

Although it may seem hard sometimes to keep track of everything, you are the boss of your small business. MinuteHound knows this and helps you take back control. The technology will help you not only know who leaves early and who comes late with emailed real-time data, but it will also help you assess exactly how many employees you need at a certain time. You can then adjust your schedule as needed to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

MinuteHound is easy to use but if you need support, they are just a phone call away round-the-clock! It is completely risk-free. No one deserves to be left in the past, and MinuteHound’s innovations are the future of employee timekeeping.

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