Face Time Clock for Small Business

Good Employees Love MinuteHound
Your employees want to go right to work. MinuteHound time and attendance system allows them to punch in fast. Using the face time clock feature, the employee looks at the reader and the system logs the employee in for work. That takes mere moments. Pouring the first cup of coffee in the morning takes more time than punching in with MinuteHound.

The employee spends virtually no time punching in for work. The employee can turn straight to the task at hand. No time is lost logging in using identification and password. No time is lost fumbling for a passcard. The face serves as user identification and password. That’s the magic of using the face time clock feature.

When the whistle blows, your employees want to leave work. MinuteHound eliminates the line at the punch clock. The reader scans the employee’s face, logging time and location data. The employee doesn’t have time to blink. Nothing slows the employee from leaving work in a MinuteHound business.

Good employees hate red tape. Making out a timesheet takes time away from work. Asking for a manager’s signature on a timesheet wastes valuable time. Faxing a timesheet to payroll ties up precious minutes. Following up on a timesheet faxed to payroll burns time fast. Calling payroll to correct a paycheck error takes time away from the task at hand. MinuteHound saves all this wasted time for getting work done.

Any employee who has filled out a timesheet hates the tedium. Who can remember what happened on Monday from the viewpoint of Friday? Daily time records created by MinuteHound allow an employee to think about work, not time.

Good employees want to use every minute for work. Even logging time online takes attention away from work. MinuteHound’s face time clock feature requires no attention at all. The employee just looks into the sensor to clock in and clock out. The employee doesn’t need to worry about proper payment for time doing work.

Payroll employees love MinuteHound. MinuteHound doesn’t use paper timesheets. Nobody has to type time from a timesheet into the payroll system. Tired payroll clerks make typing errors that take hours to correct. Labor data from MinuteHound uploads straight into accounting, which makes that team happy. Everywhere the MinuteHound goes inside the company, employees save time.

MinuteHound begins saving money from the minute the system goes to work. Enrolling employees into the system takes no time at all. Training employees how to punch in and punch out with MinuteHound is brief. It’s as easy as taking a selfie. Labor records stay on the internet, ready for analysis. Nobody has to wait when MinuteHound is installed.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock Time Clock Calculator See For Yourself Why MinuteHound Is Top Dog. Compare Our System Vs Others No training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory. MinuteHound We are confident in our business. Be just as confident in yours. Call (800) 351-7237 MinuteHound today! TimeClock@MinuteHound.com

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