Small Business Time and Attendance- Making The Most of Employee Hours

Time and Attendance: Small Business Tools

Over 90% of every business in America is considered to be a small business. They are more than the backbone of the United States, small business owners are collectively the largest employer. Even though each and every small business is unique in their product and services, the fact remains employees don’t work for free. They need to be paid, and what kills a small business owner is paying for time not actually worked. Time and attendance comes in all forms: pens and paper, pins and passwords, time cards, time sheets, badges, and other methods. All of these mentioned forms of time and attendance DO NOT WORK! Why? Simple, because every one of those methods named rely on the employee to be honest. Employees are not always honest let alone perfect. People make mistakes, and the time and attendance can suffer which means payroll will suffer.

Time and attendance should be the easiest part of anyone’s job. Show up to work on time, leave when the shift is over. However, for most employees, this can be difficult. Showing up to work late happens, and unless they get caught red handed, chances are they will still sign in on time. Or about about taking 45 minutes on a 30 minute break? These common occurrences happen, as employees don’t see a big deal taking an extra 10 minutes here, 5 minutes there. That is why having a form of time and attendance in place that doesn’t allow for this is crucial. Welcome to MinuteHound, which is the current biometric time and attendance leader.

How Biometric Time and Attendance Works

Save Time and Money With BiometricsOnce you place an order with MinuteHound, a biometric fingerprint scanner is mailed out. This scanner easily plugs into any computer. The entire installation takes less than 10 minutes and support is always a phone call away. Once the fingerprint scanner is installed, employees can register and record their time and attendance. It is very simple, but highly effective. Biometric time and attendance is proven to work, for the only possible way someone can get paid for their shift is by physically being there to clock-in and clock-out. Cheating is not even possible, and employees stay honest even if they don’t want to be.

No matter what system you choose, time and attendance has to be recorded. Even the smallest businesses must have a record system for tax purposes. MinuteHound’s time and attendance using this type of technology protects employers by providing a system that prevents time theft, eliminates errors, and easy to use. Try it out today risk free!

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