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The time has come for a change. Clocking employees in and out is a major part of any business. Keeping track of work schedules is often a full time job. MinuteHound is the answer to making the whole process faster and easier. It is time to get rid of the old time clocks and bring in MinuteHound.

The MinuteHound biometric small business time clock system is centered on a simple fingerprint. There are ridges on each finger that form a pattern. These are unique to each individual person. They do not change over time and are easily scanned for identification purposes. MinuteHound uses a time and attendance system that relies on the employee fingerprint.

Identifying each employee is what MinuteHound is known for. The system eliminates certain practices such as buddy punching and time theft. Many employees do not realize what they are doing when they clock in for someone else. The fact is, it is stealing and it harms the company. A small business time clock from MinuteHound stops this archaic practice.

Count the Cash
MinuteHound small business time clock users save money. Time lost from time theft fraud and inaccurate accounting costs money. Payroll is a huge expense for companies. Money saved is paid back immediately. A MinuteHound system pays for itself in a short amount of time.

A MinuteHound time clock system gives the human resource department an attendance record. This can be saved and reviewed at a later date. It stops any clock in complaints. Everything is accurate and easy to access.

Managers want to know how things are shaping up for the day. They need to take control of situations fast. The MinuteHound small business time clock allows them to do that in real time. Managing can take place anywhere in the world. All that is needed is Wi-Fi and a compatible device. Managers do not have to be tied to the desk with the help of MinuteHound.

Feeling Secure
RFID Attendance System is Fingerprint TechnologyBusinesses and employees feel secure when they know that there data is safe. MinuteHound uses 128bit encryption and all information is saved in a server at a remote location. All fingerprints are turned into binary numbers. The fingerprints themselves are not stored. Employees get on board knowing their privacy is protected.

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Now is the time to discover how MinuteHound changes the way businesses operate. They offer a 100% money back guarantee on the scanner. Companies are also ordering the MinuteHound cloud-based option that uses the internet to clock in and out. An IP address creates a timestamp. MinuteHound has it covered.

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