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Intelligent Solutions to Tracking Time and Attendance

When you own a small business, time is money. Undoubtedly, your employees are honest, careful and manage their time effectively. Occasionally, you find certain employees encounter outside distractions. This can affect their time management.

Or, you might need the exact time periods your employees spend operating different business areas. Then, providing an accounting breakdown is easy. No matter what the reason, MinuteHound offers unique time-tracking methods. If you want your small business to thrive, consider a few of these methods.

Use Easy Set-Up Methods for Biometric Fingerprint Technology
MinuteHound gives you some smart options to track time and attendance. A simple product that is easy to use, the MinuteHound Time Clock helps you and your employees keep track of time. Using a USB fingerprint reader is simple. You just plug it into a computer and it’s ready for setup.

It’s quick to register an employee’s fingerprint and you get notification if there is a problem. No need for any employee to press hard on the fingerprint reader. A firm, gentle press on the reader scans in the time and attendance for individual employees. Fingerprints should cover as large an area as possible.

Use Biometric Fingerprint Technology for Accounting

When you have a few employees spread throughout your small business, they wear many hats. Biometric fingerprint technology lets you set up readers in different business areas. If one employee spends two hours in the stock room, you have his log-in and log-out times. You don’t need to worry about keeping a lot of paper files. Using cloud storage, all time and attendance records are kept for you.

This hassle-free system is a great way to learn where to place additional resources. You may find that you need Fingerprint Clock in Systemmore help at the front counter. When one employee works several hours stocking deliveries, it takes away from other business needs. You need those items stocked, so you develop a better way to manage your business. You also get better at managing time and attendance for resource management.

Use Biometric Fingerprint Technology for Time Management

If you have a distracted employee, help them get back on track with the biometric fingerprint reader. An employee who logs in and out for each break and lunch period gets a better idea of their time and attendance.

Whether you are on or off site, you can get easy notification about this. Set up the process to receive an email when your employee arrives, takes breaks and lunch, and leaves for the day.

This helps both of you improve time management. In return, you get an employee who can improve their attendance with self-monitoring. You also gain loyalty from someone who knows you were not out to get them. You helped them, and you improved your business operation.

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