Small Business Tools and Tips For A More Productive Workplace

Tips on Creating a More Productive Workplace

Many companies these days seem to base themselves on high profit margins and productivity. However, one thing that seems to be missing in many workplaces is an emphasis on employee morale. From heavy-handed, overbearing supervisors to workers that care little for their jobs or what they do, there are many steps a company can take to create a more productive workplace. Below are five scientifically proven steps you can take to increase employee morale.

  • Plants Eliminate CantsA study from Exeter University in England states that having green plants strategically placed around the workplace can have a positive effect on workers’ morale and create a more productive workplace.

  • Bring In the Health FoodA study from BYU university has established that, as one would surmise, people that eat healthy foods are 66 percent more likely to help establish a productive workplace, mostly due to less stress, more engagement and more energy. You don’t necessarily have to go Vegan; in fact, there are plenty of unhealthy food options that either don’t use animal products or are labeled as Vegan but are not actually Vegan. Peanuts, along with certain types of breads and potato chips, are huge offenders. However, a lunchtime diet that encourages more healthy options such as fruits, vegetables, proteins, whole-wheat breads and other healthy options can have a major impact on productivity.

  • A Strong Workforce Equals a More Productive Workplace – While this goes without saying, hiring capable workers has a positive influence on workplace productivity. According to an article from the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science that was based on a study from the University of Michigan, people that inspire and help other employees and generate an atmosphere of positive energy can have the biggest effect on establishing a productive workplace.

  • Privacy is a Must for a Productive Workplace – When you really think about this one, it really makes sense. After all, wouldn’t you feel stressed out if you knew your boss was constantly looking over your shoulder? According to WebMD, a peer-reviewed online magazine, stress is the leading cause of sickness among workers and is the most common reason for increases in sickness-related absences in the workplace. However, don’t switch to a more closed-concept design in your workplace just yet; merely decreasing direct oversight of your employees is enough to decrease stress and create a more productive workplace.

  • Let the sunshine in – A study from the Social Market Foundation has determined that allowing more natural light into the workplace keeps morale high among workers and further promotes a productive workplace. Raise or open the blinds in the office, and watch your productivity and profits increase massively over time!

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