Does My Business Need A Time and Attendance System?

How To Know If You Need a New Time and Attendance System

2018 is already half-way over! Time flies, which is why you need a time and attendance system. You have to pay employees anyways and report taxes, wages, etc. So why not use a system that accounts for every minute? Using this new technology, employees MUST be on time for work otherwise they won’t get paid. It is that simple. Employees cannot lie, cheat, or steal time anymore. Friends cannot cover for each other at work nor can someone leave early but get paid for a full shift. Limiting labor expenses is the dream of most employers. Costs are always on the rise, and finding good, honest employees can be a task in and of itself. MinuteHound has a cost-effective system that offers a full solution regardless of business sector or niche you reside in. No one works for free, which is why time and attendance is a must for every business. The only question is how to record accurate time and attendance?

MinuteHound was developed for employers by employers. Why guess or think about employees actually working the time they write down on the time card. With MinuteHound, no more games, gimmicks or guesses. Time and attendance is done through biometric technology. Employees get their fingerprints enrolled so that when they arrive to work, take breaks and leave for the day they simply swipe their finger. No prints are ever kept and it is 100% safe to use. Technology is great when you can put it to work and understand how it all works!

Time and Attendance Explained

At the end of the pay period employers have to cut checks. Typically managers have to sort time cards, try to read really bad hand-writing and wonder if what they are adding up is actually right. Conducting payroll using MinuteHound however is a breeze. You can edit reports right in the browser, download and submit. That simple. Plus, every minute is already calculated for you including OT. You can have reports in time format or decimal format, whichever you prefer. You will save less, about 8% off your current payroll costs. But the biggest savings is time. Get back to living life compared to manually counting up time cards. Try MinuteHound today!

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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