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This Staff Attendance Software Fills Every Need

MinuteHound’s staff attendance software knows time is power. Everyone knows time is money. It is for the business owner, the employee, or the person who is part of a membership. We are working harder, doing more, and not getting as far or as much as we should. Our lives are cluttered, burdened, complicated, and as much as we try sometimes, not everything fits together or comes out neatly. So, what about all this technology that’s supposed to make things simple, light, and easy?

If you can afford it, if you can understand the directions, if you don’t need to pay for extra staff or new peripherals, maybe some of the stuff out there could make a big difference. We at MinuteHound hear you. If your problem is accurate attendance for paid employees, salaried, or keeping track of a membership, we have the staff attendance software for you. Keep reading for a few more minutes and we’ll prove our point.

Timekeeping used to belong to a time clock. Punch a card, swipe a card, sign a sheet and that’s that. But today things are different. Today there’s time fraud, time theft, buddy punching, and human error on a global scale. So how do you keep things honest and simple and worry-free for everyone? You could have the greatest system in the world, but if your employees or membership don’t like it, it’s useless. It’s also useless if you can’t afford it or understand it. With MinuteHound’s staff attendance software, all these things are a snap.

Staff Attendance Software With Extraordinary Features

MinuteHound's Biometric Fingerprint ScannerMinuteHound’s staff attendance software uses a biometric fingerprint scanner. Your staff touches a fingertip to a scanner and they’re logged in. No worries for them; it’s quick and simple and encrypted with no storage of their fingerprint, so no identity theft. It’s good for you because no one can steal time for their own paycheck or for a buddy. It costs only pennies per day, so YES, you can afford it. It’s plug and play without any time lost to training because it’s user friendly. And that is only the start with this staff attendance software.

MinuteHound’s staff attendance software comes with the needed benefits listed above, but it gives you more than you expect. It’s paperless, works with your current payroll system, and is cloud-based so your data is never lost and won’t demand extra computer memory. If you want to know what’s going on in your workplace while you’re away, get on the internet and see who got in and when they got there. You get alerts if someone is tardy or late. This works for hourly employees or those on salary.

The Many Powerful Uses and The Team Behind Staff Attendance Software

You’ll know how long their lunch breaks are, if they arrived on time, and if they’re keeping their appointed hours. For membership, imagine the ease of walking through the door, touching a fingertip to a pad, and then going where you want. No waiting in line because of lost cards, having to prove who you are, or looking for a pen to sign in. Want a spreadsheet for payroll, or who’s in class, or what days are most popular? You can have it on your computer screen or from your printer instantly. This is the staff attendance software dreams are made of!

Staff Attendance Software Is Your Daily Dose of Savings!This is the staff attendance software that keeps on giving. The money you save by using it will be realized the first month. By the second month it may well be paying for itself. If that’s not enough, how about never having to sign a contract? Not with MinuteHound’s staff attendance software. How about always having a 100% money-back guarantee? With MinuteHound’s staff attendance software, it’s true. No gimmicks, no fancy talk, nothing misleading, and we don’t leave you on your own.

You have expert customer service 24/7 for as long as you use the program. The bonuses keep adding up, don’t they? There is no risk ever, period. This is the staff attendance software that is changing the workplace. This is the staff attendance software that will put money back in your pocket. Call MinuteHound and make it YOUR staff attendance software!

The Price of the MinuteHoud Time Clock
MinuteHound Time Clock Software Can Save You Money

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Virtual Timeclock: Your True Everyday Solution For Your Business!

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