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The Staff Attendance Software You Need NOW

If your staff is on salary, hourly pay, or if attendance only is required, MinuteHound presents the perfect staff attendance software for you! This system will do the job you need and offer more features than you thought possible for such a price-effective program. For pennies a day, MinuteHound’s staff attendance software will eliminate the problems in your current attendance method.

If you are serious about your business, the last thing you would use are computers and programs that are several years out of date and known to be flawed. You need accurate, dependable data in order to progress. The economy today demands it. The people you have professional relations with expect it. If you are using the time card punch system, an electronic card swiping system, or even a sign-in sheet for timekeeping, you are at least twenty-five years behind. You are losing productivity, data, and money. This does not need to happen. MinuteHound’s staff attendance software is within reach of modest budgets and will start paying for itself the first month.

How MinuteHound’s Staff Attendance Software Works For You

MinuteHound’s staff attendance software uses simplicity to solve complex problems. Your staff touches their fingertip to a small scanner and instantly their encrypted fingerprint logs them in without identity theft, without anyone misrepresenting their time, without plastic cards, and without any need for extra computer memory. Your Information Is Safe and Secure In The Cloud

The data can never be lost as it’s cloud-based. MinuteHound’s staff attendance software is Green and doesn’t require any supplies, staff to run it, or training. A supervisor may look at staff attendance in real-time and receive alerts as to who is late. Payroll is summarized for you and sent electronically to the paycheck method you already use. Via plug and play, MinuteHound’s staff attendance software is ready to go to work without much introduction.

The system has an outstanding 100% guarantee for as long as you use it. There are no contracts to sign. Customer support is 24/7. With the money you will save by using it, it is clear this is an advantage you need. This is the future of staff timekeeping. Other staff attendance software programs don’t offer as much and don’t come with a no-risk promise of complete success. Contact us with your questions, and put MinuteHound to your use today.

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Staff Attendance Software: Make The Switch Today. You Will Be Glad you Did!

We are confident in our business, be just as confident in yours.
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