Staff Time Clock Is Beneficial to Both Employees and Employers

Don’t Let Time Fly

“Punching the clock” is an expression typically used when our job demands our physical presence as opposed to emotional engagement. A staff time clock in the workplace provides both employees and employers with a degree of accuracy when calculating payroll. However, it can also reinforce a certain dynamic that stifles creativity and leads your employees to count the hours until they can go home. Employees who use a staff time clock have a clear idea of when their day begins and ends. It helps to establish a routine, which is proven to promote productivity.

When required to punch a staff time clock, the atmosphere is based on objective verification as opposed to trust. Although this type of dynamic is oftentimes necessary within a large corporation, at a small company it can interfere with building personal relationships. Some employees may even feel as if their employer doesn’t trust them if they have to punch a standard and outdated staff time clock. When employers implement a MinuteHound staff time clock into their payroll system, time theft becomes a thing of the past. This is particularly important for those who work in retail, which depends on the presence of all employees during their shift. As an employer, you rely on your employees to show up on time and work their designated shift. Keeping accurate track of when your employees are physically present saves you both time and money.

What Benefits Do A Staff Time Clock Provide?

Fingerprint ClockEven with the increased accuracy of a MinuteHound staff time clock, the quality of your employees’ performance during their shift is important. With a MinuteHound staff time clock, your employees can punch in and out from anywhere within the office. What does this mean for you? It means that projects that once were put on hold due to time constraints can be completed on time. Employees have the ability to punch out from their own computer as opposed to walking across the office to punch a traditional staff time clock. Installing a MinuteHound staff time clock also allows business owners to go about their day without having to verify their employees’ whereabouts. The days of stopping mid conference to find missing employees are long gone.

A MinuteHound staff time clock takes the stress out of doing payroll as well. All of your employees’ personal information is stored safely online, which means you no longer to sift through stacks of timesheets to process payroll. In under 10 minutes, you can install MinuteHound’s time clock and start registering your employees. Afterwards, all your employees need to do is tap the system to verify their unique fingerprint. Promoting a healthy work environment boosts productivity and a feeling of comradery among co-workers. Call today and let MinuteHound show you how to save time and money!

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