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Try Out New Tech with the MinuteHound Free Trial Time Clock

If your business is looking for a system to track employees’ time quickly and efficiently, there are great options that you can try in your business. One of the free trial time clock options available today is MinuteHound. This sophisticated system uses the latest in biometric technology and it’s also fast and simple to use.

The makers of MinuteHound make a free trial time clock available for use by any business. MinuteHound is a plug-and-play device that connects instantly to any office computer. This simple finger scanner connects to MinuteHound’s cloud-based software to track all comings and goings at your office. The free trial time clock is easy to install and set up. Any business owner can do it, and there’s no need for any special training or IT experts to get involved. With only a few minutes, your business can see how this free trial time clock can change and improve your time tracking procedure.

Free Trial Time Clock

If you’re concerned that you’re losing money and trust due to time clock fraud or time theft, this free trial time clock provides a fast and simple solution. Every single clock in or out is recorded with a biometric fingerprint scanner. This means that buddy punching or time card adjustments are a thing of the past. Instead, you know exactly who’s in the office at all times. You’ll instantly eliminate fraud and waste in your time tracking system with this free trial time clock. With MinuteHound, you’ll also restore trust in your office.

Free Trial Time ClockThis free trial time clock also makes it easy to stay on top of what is happening. Because MinuteHound is cloud-based, you can log in from any internet connection anywhere in the world for a live time and attendance support. Even more, you can even get an email or a text message if one of your employees comes in late or leaves early. No matter where you are, you’ll never be far from the office with MinuteHound.

Whats Included with the Free Trial Time Clock

Not only will you save money with this free trial time clock by cutting fraud, you can also say goodbye to time cards, ink and other inventory and stock. The system costs business users only pennies a day. MinuteHound also helps you save time and money when calculating payroll. You can instantly download a full and complete time and attendance report with this free trial time clock. No more will you waste time poring through physical time cards and time sheets, manually entering data and correcting errors. Payroll will be a breeze when you start to use MinuteHound in your business.

Not only is MinuteHound affordable and easy to use, it’s also a secure option for your business. This free trial time clock uses 128-bit encryption. That means that you have the highest level of safety from hackers or malware. The biometric scanner is NOT included with the free trial time clock unless you purchase. However, during the 21 day free trial you have full access to all the web features and can see for yourself how powerful it is. Give this new system a try. Start today with MinuteHound and find out how it can improve your business.

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MinuteHound Free Trial Time Clock.

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