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The Latest Simple USB Time Clock Technology: MinuteHound

When your business is looking to make a quick and easy change to your time tracking system, you can find a great option with the MinuteHound USB time clock. This time tracking software is simple to install and to use. Your business will save time and money using this USB time clock to keep track of employee hours.

MinuteHound isn’t only easy to use and install, it also protects your business from any risk of time card fraud or time theft. In fact, this simple USB time clock uses biometric fingerprint technology to track each employee’s clock-ins and clock-outs. This means that every time someone clocks in or clocks out, you are absolutely certain that it is that person at the time stated. You will no longer have to worry about buddy punching or fudged time sheets. This USB time clock will handle this problem and ensure that you have an honest and transparent time tracking system.

How the USB Time Clock Works

Furthermore, this USB time clock isn’t only advanced on your local network. MinuteHound is cloud based. This means that you can log in from any internet connection, anywhere in the world. You can get an instant download or report of time and attendance in your office. In fact, the MinuteHound USB time clock can even send you email or text message alerts if an employee is late or leaves early. With MinuteHound, no matter where you are, you’re never far away from the office.

USB Time ClockThis system is not only easy and reliable for you, but also for your employees. When they come to work, they just press their fingers on the scanner and are ready to go! There’s no need to mess around with time clocks or worry about getting time sheets approved. This simple USB time clock makes it easy for your staff to get to work.

USB Time Clock is Available Now

MinuteHound can also revolutionize your payroll system. With this USB time clock and its cloud-based software, you won’t need physical time cards or time sheets. You can get rid of all of your huge filing cabinets of old time tracking materials. You can also eliminate the wasted time of manual entry and verification of time tracking information. Instead, you can just download a full instant report of time and attendance data with only a few clicks. This information is reliable and at your fingertips in an instant. You can cut hours from your payroll processing time with just this USB time clock.

The MinuteHound USB time clock is a great solution for many businesses. You don’t need any special training to install or use this software. Instead, just attach the plug-and-play scanner to any office computer and in minutes you’ll be ready to go. The makers of MinuteHound also offer round-the-clock support to help you with the device. Give MinuteHound a try today and see how this product can improve your business life.

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