What Is Buddy Punching? Stop Payroll Fraud and Employee Time Theft

How To Stop Buddy Punching

Regardless of industry or size, managing employees can be a difficult task. Every single company has to have a way for employees to record their time, and hope employees are honest when doing so. However, everyone knows employees make mistakes, both intentional and honest ones. In addition, employees have friends at work that don’t mind covering or cheating the system. This is called buddy punching, when one friend covers for another in order for them to not get in trouble and not lose pay. Although a simple game to staff, employers suffer huge losses. Buddy punching plagues every business, but the good news is that buddy punching is easily cured and stopped.

So how exactly can a company stop buddy bunching? The answer is very simple: biometrics. Biometrics in business mean reduced costs, lower expenses, and increased savings. Buddy punching and time theft are over for good. Payroll fraud and cheating are officially eliminated, and payroll becomes accurate and stress free. MinuteHound is the current biometric leader, with over 150,000 daily users. The system is simple to install, easy to use, and requires no training to put into place. Buddy punching is a major problem, but buddy punching is easily knocked out by using biometrics!

Can Buddy Punching Truly Be Eliminated?

It can! The reason being is fingerprints cannot be shared or passed between friends. Pins and passwords don’t work, and neither do RFID cards. Simple time sheets that employees have to sign basically encourages employees to cheat. Buddy punching is rampant among companies who do not hold staff accountable for their actions. Now with MinuteHound, every employee is responsible for their actions. Buddy punching is over, and more productive work habits are formed.

Biometrics Stop Buddy PunchingUsing biometrics does not only mean buddy punching is gone, but so is paper. MinuteHound is green and everything is done through the computer. Employees swipe their finger or thumb on the scanner, and then that time is recorded live. Managers and administrators can log-in to view their employees in real time to edit/modify reports or to just simply check-in. Employees can even log-in to view their individual time cards from home or through their smartphone. Paper waste is reduced, while savings go up! It’s a win-win combination!

Is MinuteHound Expensive? How Much Does it Cost?

Many large corporations use MinuteHound as the benefits and easy to use features are proven to work. Small businesses also use MinuteHound, as the costs are based on staffing and branch levels. The cost of MinuteHound is $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. This way from small to large, every organization can use the power of biometrics to fuel their management. Buddy punching, time theft and all the common problems that exist are gone. Payroll expenses go down by up to 8%. No long term obligations are required, so sign up today and get started!

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