Looking for a Finger Time Clock to Record and Regulate Employee Time?

Why Use a Finger Time Clock?

Business owners across every industry, all over the world, deal with the cumbersome nature of traditional time keeping systems. From the upkeep of maintaining cards to complicated programs that require extensive training to use. The tried and true methods of the past are no longer relevant in a world that offers the ease of cutting edge technologies. MinuteHound time and attendance software offers a solution by using a finger time clock system. Frustrating, bygone methods can be upgraded to this comprehensive system.

What is a finger time clock?
Finger time clock systems require no excess materials to function. No time cards, no paper, no pin numbers, and no fuss. Employees simply use their finger as their tool to clock in. MinuteHound uses cutting edge, biometric finger print technology to do this. From there the data goes into a cloud based system which fosters paperless, green time-keeping. Once in the cloud, employers can access the data with ease from anywhere in the world. You can see who is working and when they got there. A finger time clock is a consolidated, secure version of its antiquated predecessor.

Why use MinuteHound’s finger time clock system?
One of the biggest reasons to use finger time clock systems is to cut back on overall payroll costs. Most customers notice at least a 5% decrease. For any business owner, cutting unnecessary spending out of your company is never a bad thing. Additionally, having a program like this in place eliminates false clock ins (someone clocking in for someone other than themselves). It also helps rid your company of stolen time. If someone doesn’t clock in by there designated time, you will be notified (via text or email). If someone leaves early, you will be notified. A finger time clock system is a complete way to ensure that employees stay compliant with their time on the job.

The user friendly design of MinuteHound’s system ensures that customers aren’t aggravated by the installation process. They have developed as a critical part of the system a plug-in and go design. To give further peace of mind, they have round the clock customer support should any questions arise. MinuteHound’s finger time clock system is the perfect, modern solution for business owners.

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