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One of the biggest headaches for school officials is student attendance. From elementary school up to university level, students miss school for a variety of reasons. They also leave school early and come late and try to fool the teachers all the time. MinuteHound provides an industry-leading combination of easy-to-install hardware and powerful software to record all activity of its users. It is the perfect student attendance management system.

The student attendance management system is called MinuteHound, and it works by having each student report to school and/or class by using his or her fingerprint. Parents need not worry about less than savory characters acquiring the fingerprints of their children because the system converts each fingerprint to a binary data string, breaks it into four separate packets, and sends each packet to a server in one of four different locations.

Principals and teachers alike, along with university administrators, can monitor who is at school or in class at any time from any computer with an internet connection. The student attendance management system works with any internet connection. MinuteHound has 5 different levels of permission, and students can be assigned into different branches/groups/grades in order to give administrators the correct level of access.

The Student Attendance Management System Provides Safety

School officials will know exactly where the children are at all times and will be able to react more quickly in an emergency situation where a child is missing because they will instantly know who is on the bus, in class, or going between both. Therefore, our MinuteHound student attendance management system not only for attendance and verification purposes, but in any case of needing the instant whereabouts of a student.

Student Attendance Management SystemThe best parts of the MinuteHound student attendance management system are that it is affordable and easy to install and maintain. The software necessary to run the system is included with the monthly fee, so there is no additional cost there. Each unit is also very reasonably priced, so any school or university can keep track of and protect its students at a fraction of the cost you might expect. The system is plug-and-play, so there is virtually no set-up time. In the extremely rare instance where something goes wrong, we offer world-class technical support for our student attendance management system.

Peace of Mind With MinuteHound’s Student Attendance Management System

The student attendance management system can also double as a teacher/administrator fingerprint attendance system. Teachers are not paid by the hour, but it is still important for any school district or university to know where its staff is. It will even answer the questions of:
Who is staying late?
Who came in early?
Who arrived late or who clocked out early?

For these reasons, the student attendance management system just makes sense.

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MinuteHound Student Attendance Management System.

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