Student Attendance System- Accurate, Simple, Safe, and Non-Intrusive

Why An Accurate Student Attendance System is so Important

Emergencies happen, and having a student attendance system that accounts for any such incidents are more important than ever these days. Think about it: a disaster strikes on school grounds, campus, or a nearby location. Where are the students? Are they all accounted for? MinuteHound’s student attendance system is foolproof. When a student arrives to class, they simply place their finger or thumb on the scanner. This quick process instantly verifies their attendance and records their time. Any administrator can log-in to view where every student is, account for their whereabouts instantly, and know where they are. The student attendance system is cloud based, so admins can view reports at anytime, from anywhere.

After setting up an account, the fingerprint scanners are mailed out. The student attendance system is great for all grades and student bodies. There is no training required, and no learning curves to overcome. The scanner gets plugged into any computer, and all students have to do is scan their finger or thumb. It takes less than 2 seconds. There is no long period of roll-call or taking attendance. The student attendance system is foolproof, and friends cannot cover for each other. Attendance is always 100% accurate.

Features of The Student Attendance System

After students scan their finger, that print is broken down into a set of digits. The student attendance system is very secure, and never records prints. Instead, each and every fingerprint gets stored as a unique number and spread across multiple servers using 128-bit encryption. Even if someone stole the computer or scanner, it would not matter. All information within the student attendance system is completely safe from harm. Private information stays private, and this is a major reason why many schools choose MinuteHound’s student attendance system.

Student Attendance SystemAnother huge benefit of the student attendance system is no more paper or pens. Everything is digital, so teachers don’t have to worry about sending anything down to the office, as all time is recorded live. If a student deviates from their assigned schedule, an alert can be sent via e-mail or text message stating so. In addition, the student attendance system has 5 different levels of permission. So if parents wanted to know where their students are, or if students wanted to keep records for future school opportunities and prove their attendance, it’s easy! They can log in at anytime and pull their own attendance records. The student attendance systems works above and beyond to provide features that are designed for the everyday school, student, and parent.

The Student Attendance System Is A Great Fit

Most schools use the student attendance system for verification. Most school districts require attendance records for funding and/or other reasons. Both public and private institutions require a system such as this, and MinuteHound is the current biometric leader with over 150,000 daily users. At anytime, admins can log-in and download attendance records into ASCII, PDF, or Excel formats. MinuteHound can also create a CSV file for any needs a school might have to better co-exist with any software a school already uses. The student attendance system is a great fit for elementary schools and above. Round the clock technical support is available with lifetime updates. Try it today and upgrade your school with the future technology of time and attendance!

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