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Time Clock Systems- What’s The Difference?

Every business uses some form of time and attendance in order to record employee time and compensate them accordingly. Time clock systems can vary: time sheets, paper punch cards, RFID swipe cards, facial recognition, etc. As you can imagine, different time clock systems exists for the simple fact is every company needs one. The cheaper route is to just use paper and pen. However, in the long run using a paper and pen cost employers massive amounts of money due to employee time theft and buddy punching. Biometrics are proven to work, and that is why MinuteHound created a biometric time and attendance system that is completely web based. It fits any budget and outperforms other time clock systems in read rate and accuracy.

Biometrics are the easiest form of time and attendance, as everything is digital. Unlike other time clock systems, no paper is required, cards, pins or passwords. Employees simply walk up to the scanner and place their finger or thumb on the pad. That is it. Attendance is verified and time is recorded. Very easy and ultra effective. Employees are forced to be in the right place at the right time. Other time clock systems cannot guarantee this, therefore reports are not as accurate and employers still end up losing money.

Why Biometrics Trump All Other Time Clock Systems

American businesses lose an average of $158 billion dollars a year due to time and attendance inefficiencies. From human error to employees stealing time, every company in every industry loses money on payroll. Time clock systems that don’t use biometrics simply add to these statistics. MinuteHound has a state-of-the-art scanner that is the size of a computer mouse. It gets plugged into any computer or POS system for easy installation. Nothing to mount or connect to an electrical circuit. It can be transported to any location and all it needs is an internet connection. Other time clock systems require training or some huge manual. Not MinuteHound!

MinuteHound Provides Technical SupportBiometrics are easy and safe. MinuteHound makes it even better: fingerprints are never recorded. None of the other time clock systems do this, as just about all of them just record prints. MinuteHound takes fingerprints and breaks them down into numbers. Information is never at risk, and all user information is secured using 128-bit encryption. Time clock systems that don’t use this type of security can pose a risk to employees if somehow the device gets stolen or the computer. With MinuteHound, everything is cloud based. Web based reporting means that even if the scanner or computer was ever stolen or damaged, information would not be affected. Unlike most other time clock systems, peace of mind is included when purchasing MinuteHound!

Price and Fees Associated with Time Clock Systems

Time clock systems can cost you anywhere from $100 – $5000 or more. Depending on the features a business requires can significantly impact the price. MinuteHound is different, as every feature is included for a low monthly price. Lifetime updates, 24/7 cloud based reporting, text/email alerts, status notifications, and much more all for $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. This monthly fee is what a business pays for service. It’s cost effective and saves up to 8% off of payroll costs. Time theft and buddy punching is over. Those other time clock systems cost as much as 10x what MinuteHound costs, and good luck if something goes wrong. Time clock systems don’t usuually cover support, but MinuteHound provides it round the clock. Go with the best and start saving today!

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