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The USB Biometric Fingerprint Reader For Large Business

Does your business have multiple locations? Located throughout town, city, or state? Managing all of those employees, verifying they show up on time and leave when they are supposed too can be a challenge. That is why using a USB biometric fingerprint reader is the smartest choice a business owner/manager can make. Right now think about how your business tracks time and attendance. Is it through a time card? Time sheet? The honor system? No matter what they course, without using biometrics, it is the wrong one. The USB biometric fingerprint reader and cloud based software will automatically eliminate time theft and buddy punching, let alone payroll errors and countless time saved.

A large business consisting of numerous departments, locations, and managers have a laundry list of responsibilities. Tracking down employees or playing guess games with their time worked shouldn’t be one of them. By using a USB biometric fingerprint reader, the only possible way an employee can record their time is if they are present. No one shares the same fingerprint, therefore only the employee can clock-in and out. When they punch-in, that time is immediately available to view in real time. A single manager can control and monitor dozens of locations all from a single computer. The USB biometric fingerprint reader is a winning bet to increase efficiency and boost savings.

How the Biometric USB Fingerprint Reader Works

Work Tracking For All EmployeeOnce an employee places their finger or thumb on the USB biometric fingerprint reader, that time does not get saved to the computer. It doesn’t get saved to the scanner, but instead using 128-bit encryption, it is sent to a cloud database so that administrators can access the times and run reports. The USB biometric fingerprint reader is just the physical aspect of clocking-in and clocking out, but the real benefits of MinuteHound are the cloud based application giving each manager a platform to perform their daily functions.

The Biometric USB Fingerprint Reader is by far the best choice for business of any size, but for a large business there is no better option. Want to try it out? You can risk free. There are no long term commitments or obligations. You can cancel at anytime. The USB biometric fingerprint reader works, is proven to work, and over 150,000 users record their time everyday with it. If you don’t like it or it is not for you, simply return it for a full refund of the scanner price. MinuteHound has a full team of talented technical representatives to walk you through any problems you might have. Give it a try today!

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