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Are you looking for ways to save money on payroll and reduce fraud? Would you like to spend less time managing employee time cards and calculating wages?

MinuteHound’s unique time clock system prevents fraud without compromising employee privacy. The system uses a biometric time clock which allows employees to clock and in out using their fingerprints. This effectively eliminates “buddy punching” fraud. It ensures that no one will be able to log in under the wrong name. It also prevents other types of theft and human error. But because MinuteHound does not save fingerprints, employees can rest assured that their privacy will not be compromised. Fingerprints are encrypted to a 128 digit number so they cannot be traced back to a single person. Employee names are not required in order to use the system.

Business Time Clock

For businesses that want a time clock system without fingerprints, there is also a web-based option available through MinuteHound. The web-based system allows employees to log in from almost any device with an internet connection. The system accurately reports the location of each device when it is used. That way, employers know if the employees were actually at work or not when they logged in.

Minutehound Time Clock can be used by businesses of any size. The Minutehound matching algorithm has an excellent matching speed. It can potentially handle up to 600,000 matchings per second. So there is no limit to the number of users or the size of the business.

There are many other advantages. Because MinuteHound’s time clock software is cloud-based, it can be used anywhere. It can send employers an e-mail or text message if an employee is late to work or leaves early. The software can calculate an employee’s wages automatically. The administrator can adjust for things like sick leave and holidays.

No Risk With MinuteHound’s Time Clock

MinuteHound is an affordable, paperless time clock system. It offers employers the ability to monitor their employees effectively at any time and from any place. It prevents fraud and saves businesses an average of 2% to 8% on payroll costs. The set-up is simple, and technical support is always available. Try MinuteHound Time Clock risk-free, and see what it can do for your business!

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