Fingerprint Time Clock | How Much is Productivity Affected by Tardiness

Why A Fingerprint Time Clock Can Make All The Difference

Tardiness is a trait that happens to every employee. While this happens on the company’s time, productivity is impacted. As companies begin to focus on behaviors affecting their bottom line, they examine certain behavioral trends among employees. Fingerprint time clock technology can reveal the extent to which tardiness affecting your company’s productivity.

CEO productivity levels affected by tardiness
Employees on all levels affect productivity within a company. A 2006 survey shows that CEOs are late to eight out of ten meetings. That’s the equivalent of 80 percent. Just being only 10 minutes late every day costs the US economy $90 billion in lost productivity. When critical employees are absent, steps must be taken to provide ample coverage. Research shows that supervisors spend approximately 4.2 hours a week dealing with last minute adjustments to meet coverage challenges caused by attendance issues. This is the equivalent of 5.3 weeks each year.

When employees are tardy, anywhere between 15 and 20 percent of employees are regularly late. Tardiness costs U.S. businesses billions of dollars, annually. This results in bottlenecking, which affects the other team members by slowing down their ability to meet production deadlines.

Getting a handle on the tardiness issue

Tracking attendance with fingerprint time clock technology is a pivotal step in addressing the issue. Using fingerprint time clock technology gives you a clear picture of the extent of the problem. You have all of the information available to you to analyze whether or not the person is showing a trend of tardiness with fingerprint time clock systems. When you review a person’s attendance record, you want to make sure that the information you see is accurate. When you eliminate buddy punching with a fingerprint time clock system, you can be certain of the employee’s attendance record. Eliminating manual time tracking methods by using a fingerprint time clock reduces inaccurate reporting used in monitoring employee attendance. As a manager, you want to be certain you are acting on accurate data when reviewing attendance records.

If all attendance of all employees is tracked with a fingerprint time clock, your business can maximize productivity across the board. Use of fingerprint time clock technology improves your bottom line. It reduces the burden of team mates who may be called on to work overtime or take on different responsibilities to meet coverage requirements.

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