The Office Time Clock Designed to Stop Buddy Punching and Time Theft

MinuteHound’s Office Time Clock is Time and Attendance Gold

Every organization has to configure a way to not only track employees, but accurately pay them and keep detailed records for years. The paperwork and man hours involved with this process are typically a full time job. Each and every HR person, small business owner and or manager always have to rely on employees keeping accurate count of their hours, not fudging numbers or buddy punching in for friends. MinuteHound’s office time clock solves many of these issues while also keeping employees honest even when no one is around to watch them. Typically in any office environment, the “boss” is not standing next to the time clock or time sheets watching what everyone writes down. MinuteHound does this 24/7 around the clock. The office time clock is without a doubt the tool every office needs to monitor, track, and keep records of all staff.

The office time clock is a small device that attaches to any PC/laptop. Just plug it in, download the software, and register your employees. They will clock in and out with their fingerprint. All they have to do walk up, place their finger down and off to work they go. The office time clock will first verify the employee then start to begin their time. This process 100% eliminates any buddy punching, time theft or payroll fraud going on in your office. The only possibly way any employee can record their time is by being present to physically press their finger down.

What the Office Time Offers

Not only does the office time clock use advanced technology, but it also provides tools every office manager needs. You can login in at anytime and edit reports right there in the browser. No need to download or need any other software. In addition, you can download all your payroll reports into CSV or PDF format at anytime. This can easily be imported into any accounting software.

You can create custom reports to arrange the data anyway you would prefer. The office time clock also offers a way to setup alerts. This process allows for managers to monitor employees and if they do not adhere to their schedule, an email and/or text message will be sent out. If that is not enough, the office time clock also makes it easy to make group adjustments, track sick days, and keep records on file for years!

Make the easy, no hassle choice and choose the office time clock today!

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