How A Web Time Clock Keeps Employees Honest

Maximize Efficiency In Your Workforce

Like all good managers, you are seeking greater efficiency. Coming up with smart solutions is your bread and butter. More importantly you want to meet management goals while keeping employees happy. One solution is to ditch your old time card or unsecure computer employee log-in system.

Systems which rely on employees manually swiping a card or logging their credentials into a computer have a lot of problems. These include: one employee clocking in for another, called “buddy punching,” time-card errors, as well as the possibility of employees trying to change their hours. Furthermore, in an age when employees may be working in different locations across the globe, how do you ensure log-in hours and location are accurate?

A Web Time Clock Solves Attendance Problems

Fingerprint ClockTo solve these problems, wise managers are turning to web time clock systems, such as MinuteHound’s biometric time clock. Employers set-up the web time clock on any computer with an Internet connection, in any location. It is “plug and play.” Forget having to read a software manual. Employees only need to log-in with their fingers using a fingerprint scanner provided by MinuteHound. That’s it. No time cards, passwords, or log-in IDs which can be lost or forgotten.

Neither are employers chained to one computer when they want to check attendance. Any device with a web browser can be used to check records. More than just a web time clock, MinuteHound also generates automatic payroll and attendance reports. Say hello to efficiency!

Why A Web Time Clock Makes Perfect Sense

The web time clock is also an extra set of eyes keeping tabs on employee attendance. Nobody need feel guilty ratting on fellow employees anymore (“Sorry, Emily!”). The web time clock will automatically send you a text to let you know about issues such as employees showing up late or working unallowed overtime.

For remote employees not using the fingerprint scanner, MinuteHound’s web time clock still records the time-stamp and IP address of employees when they log-in. This is helpful if they are expected to log-in to a certain location, such as from a company branch or from a client’s office. The web time clock will ensure that Bill is actually in the office, rather than a café.

All employee data is protected by 128-bit encryption and stored on a cloud-system. Nobody will be peaking at sensitive data. Should any problems arise, MinuteHound provides round-the-clock support, whether you are in Chicago or Beijing. So, go with the best web time clock available and choose MinuteHound.

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