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The MinuteHound Employee Time Clock – Eliminate Time Theft in the Workplace

Many of us take the employee time clock for granted. However, the device has been proudly serving corporate needs since the late 1880s. Here is an interesting fact about the employee time clock: the first employee time clock was invented in 1888 by a jeweler from New York City. For many years, it was a remarkable advancement in tracking time and attendance data in the workplace. Its construction was simple, yet efficient. Employees inserted a time sheet into a slot. When the time sheet hit an activator, the time clock stamped the date and time of the punch onto the time card.

Problems With the Employee Time Clock

However, in time employees and companies alike began to loathe the employee time clock. The clock had many moving parts that were highly prone to breakdown over time. Sometimes the clock itself wouldn’t work. Other times employees would lose their time cards. However, the biggest problem was one that continues to exist to this day in just about every industry: time theft – the act of claiming money for time that wasn’t actually spent on job-related activities.

Honor System-Based Clocks Don’t Work

Such as it was, the employee time clock was based on an honor system, and employees found that they could easily manipulate hours worked, and there was little chance of them getting caught. Most employees would manipulate their time by a few minutes here and a few minutes there; it wasn’t an every-day thing. However, the problem led to billions of dollars worth of lost productivity per year worldwide.

The Next Time Clock Evolution Is Here!
Internet Based Time Tracking

MinuteHound has successfully taken the employee time clock to the next level. Their new system uses employee fingerprints to log in and out of the system. There’s no need for a dedicated computer. MinuteHound’s new time and attendance software can be installed on any computer and runs invisibly in the background. A small USB device is connected to the computer. The employee logs in and out by using the scanner to scan their fingerprint. The fingerprint is then converted to binary code and stored on a secured cloud server. To access the data, you simply create a username and password for yourself. The data can be accessed from anywhere in the world! All you need is a wireless device. You can even assign access to other people and specify what kind of access to give! With the MinuteHound system, you have complete control over your stored data.

Unique Red Flagging System
MinuteHound’s employee time clock can be set up to send an Email or text message if it discovers something suspicious. The suspicious data will be flagged for easy scrutiny. This will allow you to deal with time theft before it begins to cost you money and productivity.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Employee Time Clock.

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